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Skifly BOSS
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The bid for the 2018 JR World Championship is in and is hopefully coming to Florida.  Three families and three countries coming together for a fantastic World Championships.

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 90831 TELEPHONE (562) 216-5270 • (800) 281-8515 FACSIMILE (562) 216-5271

February 28, 2017


Kuno Ritschard
International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation

Re: International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation World Junior Waterski Championships

Dear Mr. Ritschard:

Please find enclosed herein the bid of Isles of Lake Hancock, submitted on behalf of the families of the Canadian, Mexican and the United States Waterski Federations, the Ross family, the Font family and the Garcia family to host the 2018 International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation World Junior Waterski Championships. We place our bid with the knowledge that between our three countries we are a significant segment of the waterskiing competitive population. And notwithstanding this reality it has been an awful long time since a junior championship was held on U.S. soil. Respectfully, we suggest it is time for a junior worlds visit to North America.

Our bid is conditional and unique in its scope and application. Our bid reflects what we perceive to be some areas of available improvement for World Waterski Championships. Of note, our bid is limited in its willingness to pay for tournament council member's travel, housing and, what is described and provided to be processed as "board," which is basically food and drink. Our bid's focus of funds is on the athletes and their beneficial experience both off and on the water. The majority of the expenditure of our available funds is expressly focused on ensuring that the families of the athletes and the athletes enjoy a world class destination vacation location in Orlando, Florida and around our lakes with uncompromising quality of competition environment.

Our bid also reflects what we perceive to be the unfortunate present condition that you appoint the chief judge and other affiliated chief officials of the tournament. With all due respect, your involvement in day to day operations in the world of waterskiing is limited. While you do appear at world championships, and the like, you do not engage in day to day activities with waterskiing and respectfully, are a bit out of touch with the goings on of week to week issues. And accordingly, we believe it to be extraordinarily important that the LOC submit the available and approved judges and officials for the tournament. And you will see we have done so below.

Please understand that our appointment and condition of appointment of officials is diverse. They are both young and old. It contains, and appoints, proposed officials from all over the world. It does specifically address the best drivers in the world who have the most available experience at our

Kuno Ritschard
Re: International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation World Junior Waterski Championships February 28, 2017
Page 2

lake and its intricacies. The same is true as to the technical control by many people who have helped us build the infrastructure of the lake from the bottom up.

Our proposed officials are as follows1:

Chief Judge: Assistant Chief Judge: Appointed Judge: Appointed Judge: Appointed Judge: Appointed Judge: Appointed Judge: Appointed Judge:

Chief Driver: Driver: Driver:

Technical Controllers:

Chief Scorer: Assistant:

Felipe Leal—Columbia
Mark Stevens—Canada
Marianne Matthieu Ellis—France Zuze Briant—Australia
Marianne Persoon—Belgium
Ilaria Buzzota—Italy
Adam Sedlemejer—Czech Republic Rhoni Barton Bishoff—USA

Les Todd—USA2
Mario Pigozzi---Dominican Republic3 Chad Scot—USA4

Jerry Jackson and Jon Travers--USA

Niki Lee--USA Dana Garcia--USA

You will also note that our bid is extraordinarily robust in enjoyment and beneficial experience on and off the water which will all be arranged at significant expense to the LOC. First, the event will be provided to all those around the world with a live web cast to showcase the

1 These officials are our strong preference as three sets of parents who go to tournaments around the world week in and week out and have first-hand knowledge of how these events pan out. However, we are happy to entertain your input as to our suggestions and commit to carefully considering anything you have to say in this regard.

As a group we own five homes on site or very close to site. So as to also show appreciation to the judges it is our intention to provide them with these homes as their homes rather than cramped hotel rooms. We will also provide a van and a car for their sole utilization so they too can enjoy Orlando. We will provide a specially catered meal for the judges each night of the tournament and official practice with live music and special chefs. We will make it a world class experience for them as well.

2 Driving matters at this level. It is about the athletes best conditions to perform to the very best of their ability/. Les is acknowledged as one of the best boat drivers in the world having pulled men’s and women’s world jump records and an equal men’s slalom world record.

3 One of the most respected and highly sought after drivers in the world.

4 Favored slalom driver to most pros and driver for a litany of open world records in slalom. These three proposed drivers are a dream team of drivers. And as parents of seven children between us who have competed in international water ski events, and who have won four individual junior world championships and many more second and third place finishes between them, driving is important to a world class athlete.

Kuno Ritschard
Re: International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation World Junior Waterski Championships February 28, 2017
Page 3

wonderful talents and effort of these young world class athletes. Moreover, for example, it is our intention to have the opening ceremonies march through Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) where there are typically hundreds of thousands of people available to watch. We will then take the opening ceremonies to the stage available for bands in Disney Springs and allow for the athletes to be introduced in front of a host of nations of people not normally affiliated with our sport. We will also, on a daily basis, rather than having an static food opportunity have different food trucks from different locales and nationalities come in on a daily basis to provide lunches for the athletes and officials. We will also endeavor to have live music and a social hour at the end of each day’s activities leading up to the competition itself. Moreover, it is our intention to place a world class closing ceremony with live bands, character artists, jugglers, magicians and everything else we can possibly think of to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for these wonderful athletes.

From a competition perspective, Lake Hancock is one of the premier locations in the wolrd— just ask any open skier. It is the site of the current women’s slalom world record, current men’s jump world record, tie men’s slalom world record, former women’s jump world record and a host of national records too numerous to set forth here. Unlike other venues for world championships, at least two of our tournament drivers will drive practice so the athletes are performing under the best and most competition like conditions at all time. We shall have, as we did here at the U21 championships a few years ago, a dedicated athlete tent open only to athletes with cold beverages, massage tables, fans and rest spots available throughout so as to respect the quality and commitment of the athlete.

And, as you know, Orlando is a special place. Orlando is home to more than a dozen theme parks. Chief among its claims to fame is Walt Disney World, comprised of parks like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as water parks. Another major destination, Universal Orlando, offers Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter straddling both. And Orlando also supports a vibrant Arts, Culture & History Scene. From the best of independent film at the Florida Film Festival to thought-provoking collections at the Orlando Museum of Art and the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, cultural options in Orlando offer a mix of traditional and modern entertainment for visitors. The state-of-the-art Dr. Philips Center for the Performing Arts brings in renowned national and international performers for Broadway, pop, rock, jazz, dance and more. The Orlando Ballet showcases a combination of classical ballets and contemporary pieces, and the Orlando Science Center engages visitors with interactive and informative exhibits. With some of the world’s most creative theme park settings, it’s no surprise Orlando has such a vibrant local arts scene.

For vacationing parents and families, when the sun goes down, Orlando heats up. Adults wanting to let loose can opt for downtown dance clubs, cozy pubs, cigar lounges, comedy clubs, live music and a number of area wineries and breweries. Mango’s Tropical Café Orlando combines lavish dining with vibrant dancers and live music, while IceBar Orlando features the largest permanent ice bar in the world. Visitors with kids have a bevy of evening entertainment options to choose from including dinner shows and interactive entertainment complexes. I-Drive 360 and

Kuno Ritschard
Re: International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation World Junior Waterski Championships February 28, 2017
Page 4

Pointe Orlando both feature unique restaurants, shopping and live entertainment experiences. Simply stated, for a full, fun and centrally located vacation location Orlando is one of the top if not the top, location in the world.

Orlando is the hub and capital of waterskiing and the best time of year is in October when we propose the tournament take place when it is absolutely the best weather possible.5 There is a very strong possibility it will be right before or right after or in conjunction with the professional King of Darkness night jump tournament here offering the vacationing ski family the opportunity to also attend a pro event and promote attendance at the junior world championships. It is also our intention to create a world class atmosphere around the lake. You will recall at the prior U21 World Championship put on by Isles of Lake Hancock we literally utilized the same materials as any pro stop staging VIP tents and the like. It is our intent to utilize the same services in this Junior World Championship to provide the same type of wonderful opportunity and experience for the athletes and their families. Please accept this as my personal warrant we will spend whatever money is required to make this the best and most memorable event ever for the athletes.

Finally, am concerned as to practices and politicization which deflect money away from the actual participants in the tournaments to those who are, “elected officials” or the like. And accordingly, so that the world understands the scope and significance of our bid and the fact that we are willing to spend twenties of thousands of dollars on the athletes as opposed to tournament councils meetings, dinners and drink, I am going to post my bid on all available social media so all can understand what is going on and have an open process. We solicit your prompt attention to this matter and thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

cc: The Font Damily

The Ross Family Ball of Spray Ski Fly FaceBook

5 October of 2018

Very truly yours,

Stephen M. Garcia

Seriously ?!?
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are you guys serious ? am I getting this right ? your sport is a JOKE !!!!

1/ I have big bucks so I am buying myself the IWWF world championships at my home site
2/ Screw the IWWF EB and congress side of the event
3/ Let me choose my officials , judges and drivers

A few thing are missing though (all done in the past so why not here ? right ?) :
1/ let me throw in a few special rules that I make on my own, such as allow an overaged skier to take part regardless
2/ let me protest and decide if protest will go thru or not , whoever doesn't agree will be punched in the face
3/ allow me to change scores whenever I want if the results are not in line with what I want , next day is more fun ...

Central Fl skier
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@seriously...We don't run events like that in Central FLA.  Look at all the record tourneys that have been there, and who the drivers and officials have been. I'd bet 10 grand that if any record gets broken, it stands up to video. 
and no...i don't live there, but I'm sure going to go watch if they get it! 
not a serious bid
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it is apparent that Garcia is trying to prove a point and not really submitting a serious bid.
Look at his bid, he thinks all the officials are enjoying a vacation on the skiers $$ He must think that we all have the same pile of cash that he has.
He should use his resources to make the events better and stop pushing the "I want to pick my drivers and judges" postion
test bid
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This test bid serves to answer one simple question :
Can the IWWFED be bought ?

And following the answer :
What is their price ?

This is sickening ... I am so glad I'm keeping my kids away from this sport even if it has brought me so much joy in the past ... 
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Worlds is a party for officials and their significant other.  Yeh the officials work all day but do they have bring their partner on the dime of the organizer?    Hell NO


Why not use officials and drivers that know the site and pull the skiers the most.  Using drivers and officials from outside the area and create a larger expense doesn't make sense to me nor does it make sense to the skier thats being pulled by the driver who doesn't pull Jr skiers that much.    

"test bid"    Keep your kids away.  I am sure they wouldn't be able to compete with these kids on their best day ! 

IWWF bye Laws
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Federations may bid for such events up to six years in advance of the date proposed for the event. Bids must be in writing, submitted to the President with copies to the Secretary General and the Chairman of the Council concerned. To be considered at an Annual Congress full bids with the required guarantee should arrive at least 30 days beforehand.

 Bids shall be in writing and should be supported by the following:

--           Confirmation that the List of Obligations will be fully honoured

--           Proposed site with maps and pictures if possible

--           Dates of training and competition

--           Accommodation and costs

--           Name of proposed sponsor if known

--           Visa requirements

--           Any proposed entry fee and charge for tickets to the final dinner including the currency in which it will be payable.

--           Currency used for hotel and other expenses and which credit cards will be accepted for such payments.


Bids for events within 3 years shall be submitted in writing to the same persons with the same information's as above for approval by the Executive Board.


Once a bid has been accepted no exceptions to the List of Obligations will be permitted unless approved by the Executive Board or Bureau.


Any contract entered into by the organiser before the Letter of Agreement and Obligations has been signed and returned shall be at the organisers own risk.


Skifly BOSS
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From KUNO 

Dear Steve


I confirm receipt of your bid and the attached documents. As you know we have received also a bid from SESENA Waterski & Wakeboard Complex supported by the Spanish Federation. They have deposited the requested USD 10’000 for the Performance Guarantee and they confirm that they honour the full LAO without exceptions.

 I send you below once more the IWWF Rules for the bidding for Titled events. As you can find out yourself several of the requested points are not covered in your bid. Please complete your mail accordingly.

 I understand that the Canadian Federation will be the Official Host Federation. As it is on US territory we need a confirmation from USA Water Ski that they agree with this.

In addition, your request to have an open discussion to whom the Championships should be awarded is completely against our Rules.

To give you the possibility to present your bid as requested by the IWWF rules we will give you another deadline of 10 days – March 11, 2017.

 Best regards


Skifly BOSS
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From Steve

Please provide me with rules which mandate a secret bidding process, as you seek to direct below, allowing IWWF to look to the needs of you all in leadership and “meetings” to the detriment of the athletes competing. 


Please provide the rule which you assert requires USA Waterski which is not involved in the event to approve the event because it is on US soil. Please also answer this direct and clear question: Did you make this same mandate of the Melnuks for the Can Am championships held in US and hosted by Canada?  


It appears that you are intent to exalt your form over the benefit of the skiers. We are harkened back to the Worlds and leadership telling women’s slalom to take another day off because you all had to have a “meeting.” What a shame. This is the reason the open bidding process is so important and we decline to play the “secret” game. Our efforts will be open and transparent as shall be your response to our efforts.

Please note that in the Bid package there is a form for rules exclusions. I have fully completed that page as part of our proposal notwithstanding your apparent ignorance of same. Accordingly, the bid was submitted in conformity with the bid process in this regard as it pertains to “Obligations to be Honored.”

 I will deposit the $10,000.00 shortly. I will provide the other information requested shortly. And in no event later than your date mandated below.

Skifly BOSS
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Dear Steve


It is all said in our Bye laws. See in my mail below which I’ve sent to you. It is now highlighted in RED.

 In Schedule 6 EXCEPTIONS you are only listing your proposal for the Officials with some remarks.

 I have no time to read through all our Rules, but I think it is at least a matter of politeness to ask the approval of USA Water Ski if you want to organise a World Championships on US Territory hosted by another Federation.

 I also don’t know what you mean with “the Can Am championships held in US and hosted by Canada? “ 

 Please stop arguing now and do your homework so the IWWF Executive Board can make a decision between your bid and the bid from Spain.


test bid
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@skier , my kids are skiing for recreation only so I have no doubt they wouldn't be able to compete with these kids on their best day ! However they'll take on any of these kids on a hockey field if you want even on their not so good days  ... see ya all in the Olympics ... oh wait , no waterskiing there ...
Dave Curmi
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I have a hard time believing this type of conversation is happening on a ski fly message board, but I like the transparency:-) I don't know either Steve or Kuno, but I do know that they both have a sincere interest in developing comp waterskiing, and I want to believe their intentions are always in the best interest of the competitor. Having negotiated a time or two myself, I always try to engage with an open ear and mind. It's apparent from this back and forth that Steve is looking to challenge the norm, and Kuno is looking to preserve the norm. I like many of the ideas that Steve offers up, and I would encourage Kuno to consider a little flexibility in order to improve the event. I for one would love to be in Kunos shoes, he and the sport might just take a few baby steps forward, and it's been a long time coming......... Just one mans opinion.

Glen Williams
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Any debate like this about our sport is healthy ,

Both Steve and Kuno are working hard for our sport just coming from different angles
I like what Steve is trying to do but I don't agree with every detail .
I will agree That any sport should be about the athlete and after just being heavily involved with organising the AO championships I can tell you that the off water obligations are a huge burden and make it difficult to run these events .

Can I just clarify a couple of things as I'm on the world tournament council .

The tournament council do not get anything for free at the u17 ,u21 , university or senior worlds . I have attended 4 of these events in the last 2 years as my kids have been participants . I like all other parents have paid my own airfare , own accomodation, own food and no free drinks for me . Although Steve did give me a couple of beers out of his cooler in Peru . I have helped out at these events by announcing and promoting our sport all on my own dime

Every second year at the open worlds as a TC member I am required to attend a 2 day meeting . I take the week off work at my expense to try and help the sport . In return in Mexico I was reimbursed 50% of my airfare from NZ and 5 nights accomodation sharing a room with Bruce Cockburn . As I stayed on to announce and enjoy the skiing I then payed the last 3 nights accomodation myself . Yes in Mexico I received free lunch but never evening meals and never a free drink on the IWWF or out of the skiers pockets .

Let's keep the dialogue open and do our best for this great sport

Dave Curmi
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The 2 Ds that seem to be missing in today's conversations about many things are, debate & dialogue.

Glen, thanks for your effort. I know the sport is alive and kicking when folks like yourself thanklessly choose to be involved.

Skifly BOSS
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From Steve

I am saddened, although not necessarily surprised, to see your concession below that there are no "rules" such as you asserted in your email of a few days past in an effort to "spank me down.". When you cite to non-existent rules in support of your monarchy's declarations of what is compelling, you once again serve to underscore the need of  transparency of process with that involving the IWWF hierarchy.

The fact of the matter is our bid reflects a unilateral focus on the skiers and their event rather than first class travel for officers etc of IWWF, 24 hour a day limousine service mandated by the bid for you, and the provision of alcohol at dinners to council members in lieu of spending the money on the athletes themselves.  Regardless, as you approved with the U21 we had here when you had nowhere to have it on six weeks notice, our bid exceptions are are well within rule under the "exceptions" page.

Our bid also reflects having knowledgeable daily participants in the sport picking the best judges and drivers for the benefit of the athletes rather than you as one who has no meaningful, current and/or day to day understanding of the intricacies of that which actually faces the athletes in this day and age, picking unqualified judges and drivers based on their political affiliation with you. Our process is transparently better for the athletes as opposed to your process which is better for IWWF politics. We make no apology for putting the athletes ahead of your self-interest and the self-interests of others in leadership. Our process will avoid the debacle of judging in Chile and the debacle of driving at elite worlds which left one jumper maimed for life and the jumpers having two totally different working boats in the same world championship event due to an inability to recognize how to properly operate the boat. And if you are a)  unaware of what I am addressing and/or b)  so unknowledgeable that you do not understand the impact of remapping the boat mid event-well you prove my point. You are not qualified to pick top flight judges and drivers without regard to politics which serves your, and others in the IWWF hierarchy, agenda.

Further, of course I have been communicating with Bob and Jeff Surdej and had you made any effort in this regard whatsoever you would have learned that I have extended for week, no months, the courtesy of advisement of intent to USA Waterski. Your suggestion of courtesy is once again a comment of ignorance on your part in favor of advancing untruths. Regardless, as you know USA Waterski has now supported our bid in two different emails to you of this morning.

Finally, there will be transparency of this process at least in my dealings and efforts. I will get beat up on Ski Fly and the like for the effort to compel IWWF to focus on the actual athletes rather than their own vacations and agenda but so be it. I believe in the athletes, the benefits of this sport in its pure sense and those with whom I join in making this bid enough to take the public beating to do the right thing. We are not doing it for LOC profit, or vacations to foreign lands paid for by the athletes we are supposed to serve.  Rather we give freely of our time, energy and effort for the pureness of the sport. Nothing more.
Dave Curmi
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Steve, nice bit of barking, but as you know, she's a tall tree..... Since my boys have grown and moved on with their lives, I have only watched the sport from a peripheral. It's disappointing to read this prickly back and forth. but there comes a time when it is absolutely necessary to beat the drum loudly if you want to truly affect change. I hope clearer heads prevail, and that the athletes get what they deserve for their hard work, dedication, and financial investment. The management of this sport is no different than any other high end sport, politics will always be played where power, money, and influence collide. I hope you get the deal done, it sounds like a fun event.


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are you people blind? Can't you see what Kuno did for this sport? They charge a huge amounts of money everywhere and then they misappropriate it! They've forgot about the sport itself a long long time ago. Doing nothing to make it better for the skiers and for the spectators. This mutual admiration society organize their meetings which lead us nowhere. I'm glad that finally there is a person that can stand in opposite for this sick organization and speak loud what's is going on. 

According to the junior world's - there is nothing wrong with Sesena. They are great people and great site, but how many big event can they organize? Is it because it's "nautique place"? Or what? Steve showed many times that he and his crew can organize top level tournaments with all the best care for the all skiers. He is the guy not just looking after himself and his kids. He is the guy, who being a team captain of US u21 team, helped a lot skiers form other countries. 
Kurt Grathwohl
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I prefer not to read gossip so I avoid SKIFLY although I respect Scot/Adam S and the idea of a forum for free exchange of ideas/technology/information etc. to advance the sport of competitive waterskiing.  In this respect Dave Curmi is right on point for D&D. Too bad  this is not typically the case for this forum.

I was alerted however to this message board and was happy to see the bid by the Garcia, Ross and Font families to host the 2018 Jr World Tournament. My family fully supports their bid for the simple reason that the Isles of Hancock organizers treat the athletes (PRO or level 1) like superstars. While I have never been there myself I have had to send my kids there to "get scores". The tournaments they competed in were some of the best tournament waterskiing  experiences they have had. Both from the level of competition/drivers/judges/conditions as well as inclusion.

For those that don't want your children to be involved in competitive waterskiing I hope you reconsider. Tournament waterskiing IS difficult to excel at (particularly 3 event). It requires tremendous amounts of dedication, time, sacrifice, mental toughness and resilience which is exactly why we chose to be involved. The life lessons my kids are learning through training/competition, the time I have spent with them and friendships they have developed have been invaluable.

There is no doubt that the sport is also ridiculously EXPENSIVE. I just retired (but still working) after 28 years in the US Army and my 4 kids (all 3 event) are not sponsored.  They have received small scholarships through our region and local club for coaching but otherwise get no financial support. The time, personal sacrifice and financial commitment my wife and I make borders on insane. We prefer not to complain about the expense of coaching, equipment, access, gas, travel or the fairness/disadvantages compared to others but rather train our hardest, to the best of their abilities and let performances on the water speak for themselves. If they don't compete to the best of their ability they learned to train harder/smarter, not quit or complain. It's what we CHOOSE to do with our time and money. Again, the experiences/education they are getting in 3 event tournament skiing has been invaluable in shaping the kind of people I hope they would become. 

With that said, from my perspective tournament waterskiing is and has been broken for years. AWSA membership is dwindling, tournament participation is decreasing, funding is all but gone for international competitors and there were alleged scandals that have damaged the integrity of the sport. For goodness sake this year Nationals almost did not occur  because no one wanted to host it (lots of reasons for that). Internationally, things are potentially worse. At last check there were no bids for collegiate worlds, there continue to be problems with fairness, judging, rules/regulations, processes etc, and I could go on.

So, I hear your frustration; there are lots of problems with tournament waterskiing both in the US and internationally.  Too many to list here but I like others am very disappointed by the baseless public slander of Mr Garcia. He has stepped up to shine light on some of the problems as well as offer solutions. He has also CHOSEN to spend his money in an attempt to try and lead change as well as to support competition and the athletes. Which is a good thing. Let's acknowledge or refute the problems/concerns he brings up and start to have meaningful dialogue to begin work on these issues. Most of all if you are concerned and passionate about waterskiing get involved locally or Nationally to help the sport evolve and keep pace with the changing times.
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@kurt....don't avoid skifly.  It serves a meaningful purpose. Although it can get out of hand sometimes, there is a very valid reason to remain anonymous at certain times. It does promote completely open dialogue.  THERE IS A HUGE NEED FOR THIS FORUM.  Don't make it out to be a bad thing. It's a necessary thing. 
This whole Garcia, Ross, bid is a great thing...whether it goes through or not. 
Keep working guys...

Wait What?
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So it looks as if the three richest families in the sport want to host a world tournament for their kids and pick their own officials. Seems a little fishy.

In all seriousness though, I don't think this is a battle Steve ever expected to win, he's trying to prove a point and I've gotta respect him for that. I love the way he has brought this bidding process into the public light, and all 6 of us who read it will be that much the wiser. While his solutions may not all be correct, at least he is trying to change things.

I don't know all the details of the issues with officials in the past, but in a volunteer sport you unfortunately sometimes get what you pay for. I think regardless of who picks officials, you're probably always going to end up with a higher calibre in Florida than just about anywhere else in the world. It is important to remember that these 'unqualified' officials who keep getting worlds gigs are paying their own way and taking time off work to help the sport, most of the time they're not picked based off political connections, but rather they are they only people willing to do the job. Now this may not always be the case, but I think more often than not these so called better officials simply haven't been available for selection. Allowing the LOC to choose will probably fail to improve anything, and it will unfortunately open the door for massive abuses of power and cheating further down the road (to be clear, I have no doubt that the officials Steve has listed would be both excellent and unbiased).

So thank you Mr. Garcia for making this very important debate public, and I look forward to catching up with you at the 2018 Junior World Championships in Sesena, Spain.
Skifly BOSS
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from Steve

After spending yesterday considering our discourse something became clear to me. IWSF has its self sustaining system which In my judgment alone, does not at all represent the skiers interests well. That the present set up of IWSF is such that I could not come up with any justification in my mind to warrant the time and expense of putting on a world tournament governed by IWSF and what I believe to be its focus itself and its bureaucracy rather then the benefit of the skier. Accordingly, we withdraw our bid and look forward to the event in Spain.
Skifly BOSS
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From Drew Ross


Just a quick note to say thanks for the effort for us to try to host the 2018 U17 Worlds. Leigh and I, as well as Sergio and Aline were looking forward to putting on a five star event for the world's best juniors along with you and Dana. 

As you know I'm not well versed in the details involved with the bid process, but it sure seems our effort was one to put on the very finest event possible. I have a hard time understanding why it has been met with so much friction. 

See you at the Yarra tomorrow!
Skifly BOSS
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From Kuno

Noted Steve. It is probably the right decision after all what happened and has been said over the last days.


It is a big shame, as a proper presented bid for Lake Hancock would have had a great chance to be supported by the majority of the members of our Executive Board. Especially also as you have helped the IWWF to save the u21 World Championships a few years ago.


We will see us soon at Moomba. May be we can  have a friendly talk together to tell you more about the IWWF and our goals. As I will retire at the next World Congress in Paris I propose to include David Skillen, who is a candidate to take over from me, and Des Burke-Kennedy, our Media and Marketing Chairman, in such a dialog.


Safe travel and see you there.



Dave Curmi
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Finally, an opportunity for some dialogue :-). Steve, good job pushing the discussion forward. I recall similar frustrations when our family was involved with tournament skiing. And so the wrangling continues all these years later. But I am one to "never say never". An eyeball to eyeball with the powers that be is a small victory for the sport and it's competitors. I hope it bares some fruit.......

ski dad
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Ok something happened behind the scenes for Steve to just pull the plug
@ski dad
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Yeah, the Mexican and Canadian Waterski Federations withdrew their support for the bid. USA never supported the bid, only signed off on it taking place on US soil. Steve got his publicity, without ever having to submit the 10k deposit too. No point beating a dead horse, you'll have to tune in next season to see this cliffhanger get resolved.
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Australian David Skillen is a really reasonable and excellent person. He has the best interest of the skiers in mind. A talk with him would be worthwhile. Good luck and thanks for all your hard work to make the sport better.
David Skillen.
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Noticed a positive post with my name. Appreciated. Yes, I am Australia's candidate for the President IWWF post in this year's election. For those fortunate enough to be at Moomba I will be there Friday afternoon to end of event Monday. If you want to chat please seek me out. One of my aims is to have a more direct line from athletes to IWWF committee types, so I aim to listen longer.
New ideas.
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Not to personally attack Des, I think his dream for this sport and his intentions have always been to make waterskiing a truly global sport, but maybe our sports marketing and media chairman needs to be someone involved with the skiers to help bring new ideas to light.. As current efforts (World Cup stops in crazy places etc etc) have not worked. 
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But why change the marketer of our sport? Aren't we growing like crazy??
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Des is retiring ,traveling all over the World has it's limits  . [frown]

They need someone a little more media & internet pro active to market into the future. Waterski Mag has only 4 issues now (Risto is gone ). I am not sure it is because the sport is shrinking but rather the way we get our info is changing with our old sources losing subscriptions at a faster rate. Kind of like Playboy mag & other skin mags losing ground because you can see much more online for free .

The new team needs to harness the possibility of reaching a much larger audience in real time .
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Gee , what a pathetic little attempt at creating a buzz !!! Mr Billionaire throwing his little tantrum because for once someone doesn't roll out the red carpet and surrender to his demands ...

I have no doubt his XXL$$$ would have made up for a great experience for the kids , but so did Michael Jackson's private theme park ... if you want our sport to be taken seriously lets avoid conflicts of interests and adaptative rules depending on how much money you have ...
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Seriously? Please explain what rules were to the exclusive benefit of him or his kids? Explain how what he did was a bad thing? Explain why does it matter if has the money to support what he's trying to do?
Scot Ellis
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I encourage anyone who has NOT put on a big tournament to TRY IT before barking their opinions !   
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In hosting large events!!! Agree with Scot.  
At the over 35s in Spain last year I went to dinner with the IWWF council members that were there.   (my wife was an appointed official) The discussion came up about our site hosting IWWF events.  I had many of the same points that Mr. Garcia had in his bid.  (except hand picking officials.. personally  I think it should be a joint process between the host and the sanctioning body for multiple reasons)  Some council members got it the others still thinks it is still 1985. 

I think we have seen many changes in the bidding process at AWSA.  We had no bids in 17 to 3 quality bids in 18.  I hope the IWWF will look at the bid process changes that have happened in the US National and Regional bids.

My respects to Mr. Garcia and the Isles of Hancock for pushing the envelope. That will help create change for the better in the bid process.  I would love for our site to pursue  some IWWF events in the future. But, under the current guidelines we would never get it past our POA. Too much risk $$.  I think the same would be said for most Water Ski Communities in the US.

My big thanks to any site who has hosted an IWWF event. You did it for the "Love Of the Game"

Thanks Scot and Adam for the forum. Many thanks to Mr. Garcia and the Isles of Hancock for bringing the bid process in front of everybody.

Jeff Lindsey

My 2 cents...If I had a vote in the IWWF Pres. It would go to Dave Skillen.
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