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Just want to comment on the video coverage of the 2018 Swiss Pro Slalom.  Loved it!  I am watching it now thanks to finding the link on SkiFly, so I am not sure how it performed while streaming live, but this is exactly the type of coverage I like and keeps me following the sport. 

My job, location, and family time makes it hard to attend any tournaments or participate in the sport like I did growing up, but I still love it and this coverage was perfect.  I loved the camera angles and the footage around the dock before and after the runs.  I really liked when Scott used to post pictures he took while at the different tournaments.  The behind the scene and dock pictures were great, but those seem to have gone away.

Anyway, just wanted to pass my appreciation to all those that were involved in making it happen. I hope more of the tournaments can follow this format.  And yes, I am happy to pay for it as I know nothing is free.

Specifics that I liked and think draw in spectators:

-Boat camera angle, seeing the boat crew
-Video and commentary before and after the runs (boat timing passes, skier warm-ups, starting dock,etc)
-Line tension meter
-Banner across the bottom of the screen with skier's name and national flag
-Color commentary
-Rope length in meters and XX Off

That's it.  Just wanted to share my thoughts. 


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