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New 200 OB will be here this week with the 5.3L. What power factor are jumpers using? 180+ foot jumper at 35mph.
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I didn't have a chance to drive the new engine yet. But the specs of the 5.3l are very similar to those of the 5.7l. The new engine delivers 355hp, the old engine had 343hp.
In your scenario I would ask the jumper what power factor he used with a 5.7l Nautique. If he doesn't know, start with 6 or 7. Of course this all varies with prop, altitude and jump style.
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Something else with current Speed Control.  You have to enter all sorts of crap factors.
Why can't a Speed Control just get a desired speed input, and that's that?

Amazing that drivers are putting up with it.  The drivers from the Old Days certainly
would not.
Team Seal
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Come on EB get into the 21st century. very minimal settings. 

Chardo, at Sea level you should be running power factor 5 or 6. The 52 meter seg will dictate, if it is slow out you will need to go up on the PF , Also Hydro gate in slalom mode will need to add one for a 57 K or 54 K jumper.
If you are above 2500 ft start thinking about an elevation propeller.
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Jody you know as well as I do the drivers from the old days would have had a hard time with end course video, and center line deviation. Splash eye would have humbled many
5.3 Owner
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Don't let the HP numbers fool you.....the 5.3 is much more like the 6L than the 5.7......the 5.7 was a dog
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