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What's the best way to repair stripped binding screw holes on a pair of jumpers?
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Put JB weld on zip ties and stuff them into the holes, let the sit over night, cut the ties off even with a razor blade and mount the bindinging back on.

Same problem on trickski
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Sorry I am slightly confused, what is the purpose of the zip ties and which part of the ties go into the binding holes with the resin on it?
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Stuff the small flat end of several of them, they expand around the screw and give it something to hold against

Dean Chappell
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I always add a piece of zip tie into the screw hole when I screw binders down.  It works like a nylok nut does with a bolt and prevents the screw from loosening.

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If the screw holes are stripped, then they should almost be big enough to put inserts in. Then you will never have to worry about them again.
repair shop
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dont use JB weld, there is nothing in the ski that JB weld can successfully bond to.  It may work for a while, but you will be doing it over again.

Use a 2 part marine expoy, and make sure the hole is completely dry before applying. Using zip ties, toothpicks, or strands of fiberglass will create a matrix that the screw can grab into better.

Ideally, the best thing is to fill the holes and find a new area to screw into.  I've even started using extra screws so each takes less stress, and have not stripped a screw since.

Dave Robbins
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Instead of a zip ty, try a piece of "Mr. Grip".
bend it so that it is shaped like a U and jam into hole.
It is serrated strip of thin metal.
Screw really bites into it.
Available at local hardware store, originally intended to hold loosened legs on wood chair
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