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Watch out for the Mastercraft V Nautique thread on Ballofsponsors. I drive the 6.2 Mastercraft and few other boats and the honest truth is that the new Mastercraft Prostar is almost as good as the Nautique 196. There is no reason to compare it to the 200 or the latest Nautique until they can get the thing to go straight. Its not a good drive at all.
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While it's true that a good driver can get in a MC, CC , or a Bu and be pretty "at ease" with shortline ,  you have to admit the 196's and 200's are easier to keep a good path.  The less experienced driver (mediocre driver) will be better in a CC. They track like on rails. 
Can't say anything about the new one...haven't seen it live. 
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196 is a classic design but if you tell me that it drives better then any of the new boats you're just full of crap.
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if I dropped a ton of cash on the new MC then I would be in denial also. 196 tracks better and steers better, wakes are not better but driving the 196 if it is in good order is better just a fact. 
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The 196 is a better experience over the 200 for the driver in the terms of seat height, visibility and leg room.  Hope to first hand how CC addressed these issues with the new Ski Nautique.

I prefer driving the 196 over the 200, and drive them both weekly.
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The current MC does not track well enough to ever pull the world slalom record, it would have to be a total fluke to nail the boat path at -43 in the MC. End of story. 
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And the Bu is in 2nd place....pretty easy to drive, and hold a good line.  Overall, we're in a pretty good spot when the worst driving boat is still pretty good.
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