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there is the same thread in the jump section so just wondering : who is the best trick coach ?
Jump Sensei
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Ah! Grass Hopper! SRB in northwest Florida Resides a holy man when it comes to trick skiing. It is not hard to get there nor hard to get a audience as he goes back and forth all day long in a brand new ski Nautique teaching the age old art of trick waterskiing. You might get a round or two with a crazed out underling that speaks the Queans English but that trick Monk know's the trick skiing book also. Many an international Cadet seek him and revere the teachings of the SRB Sensei.   
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I would also consider Marc Bedsole in Orlando. He is a great coach, especially for kids. 
Rhoni Student
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Rhoni Barton is another excellent coach!
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