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Ego Driven
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How big does your ego need to be to think you need to drive 58 sets in one day of a record tournament?
Overly ambitious
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Not there so can't say but maybe driver is trying to prove something to his/her self ?
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Or just maybe there were only two drivers at the tournament, one driving the women and one driving the men.
Ego D.
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Well planned, then.
And hard to believe.
Wondered the same thing
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Not taking anything away from the driver's skill, but maybe bringing someone off the bench to relieve a tired driver is the best call. Blame the chief driver, and if they're one in the same...then blame the driver.
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To be out of tolerance means the boat moved more than twenty cm. Not a huge margin for error at 43 off The record was set during a pro event. Most of the skiers prefer to get dialed in with one driver. Unfortunately it was a long day with lots of skiers running lots of passes The record pass occurred at about 815 pm in Florida. Btw for most of you qualified experts it's dark. This was a great event but on by the great people at Swiss Nate will do it again
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The reality is, That's reduculous.
I agree, too much Ego
Not a TC
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@TC Do you know for sure the 20cm deviation was reached?
Could have been the 41 off pass cumulative deviation. A deviation of 8cm at each buoy will void the pass, now that's a small margin driving in the dark.
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Nate didn't seem surprised or upset about the record not being approved.

There are a small handful of drivers capable of pulling 41/43. I'm sure Nate wouldn't want someone off the bench for the final after skiing behind Chad all day. Nate has great confidence in Chad and in Nate's mind "Bad Chad" is probably far better than you or me on our best days.

Also, don't forget that the task at hand was to win the tournament, which Nate did.
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Until you've driven 41/43 off you have no clue how much the boat jumps when a skier is setting on you. It becomes more about pointing the boat than steering, the 39/41/43 skier angle is so great the boat is going to move, I promise. I agree that's a lot of sets, but not as bad as you think, I've driven entire divisions at Nationals and Regionals, you get in that zone and you just drive.
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Have we discussed this record not being approved? Do you know my true feeling as if I'm upset and surprised that it didn't go through?
Of course I'm extremely disappointed. You finish off the day with a World record only to find out a few weeks after that it doesn't count.
I'm surprised it didn't go through because of having Chad at the wheel. That's usually the last thing in my mind to worry about.
Yes, Chad drove a ton of skier but I bet not one person would want anything different. We all got the same boat, same driver, same lake all three rounds. Something you rarely get. It was almost pitch black dark. It was hard to see. As a driver you need the full vision of the course and I bet chad couldn't see more than 2 boat guides away. I credit Chad for driving all of us and pulling a tournament with some amazing scores. 7 world record pulls with approval in a row is pretty incredible. Bummer the 8th one doesn't count. It happens. We are human.
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Can only speak for yourself dude. Before I even read nate's post I thought your first line was ridiculous.
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@NateSmith43 I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. When you and I discussed the situation at Little Mountain you said essentially the same thing: it was dark; hard to see; Chad did the best he could under the circumstances. It seemed to me that you took the situation in stride given the conditions. I know darn well that you'd have preferred to break the record, and surely you'll get the chance again. On the other hand, you're a consummate professional and you know that everything has to be right to get a record approved as a record even if the score goes in the books. My comment really was speaking to that professionalism and understanding how hard it can be to get approved even after the hard part -the skiing - is over. Hopefully your next shot will be with conditions more favorable to getting the record approved.

Sorry if I misspoke.

John Wilkins
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Anyone who wants to go ahead and bash Chad for 'having too much ego' or 'trying to prove something' can piss off quite frankly. Chad is quite possibly the most respected driver in the world and wants nothing more than success for the people he pulled. Trying to bad mouth or insult him because Nates world record didn't get approved is quite frankly pityful. If many of you had even an ounce of experience behind the wheel of a boat you'd understand what comes into play at 41off. Its embarrassing to hear anyone try bash his driving quite frankly.
Quite frankly
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Quite frankly, you need to mix up your expressions a bit. On a more serious note, how many rides are too much for the best driver? Even the best pitchers in the world get pulled from the mound. Any of us jack arses can take a guess, but I'd love to hear from Nate or other Open skiers. Not a bunch of know it all's, quite frankly.
Know it all
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Nate trains with Chad & Regina on a regular basis ,don't think he has any issues with his driving .The timing of the event going into lower light would be the main problem. 

I know it ALL !!
Quite Frankly
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So the best drivers could drive 500 passes? Still didn't answer the question.
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That's a good question.... the drivers themselves would be the ones to ask what is too much. They will certainly tell you. Even the best drivers in the world don't want to sit in the boat all day. If I had to throw a round number out there I would say 20-25 skiers is about the most they typically want to pull at a given time.
Swiss was three rounds of skiing so that's why it was so many pulls for Chad. Even being the last skier of the day and it being 15 min after sunset I still felt like my ski ride was great with Chad at the wheel. The record was only out by 2CM on the accumulative. Not at a given spot. Pull out a ruler and look at how little that is. Like I said, it's unfortunate. BUT it happens and hopefully get another shot at it in the future.
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Back in the Back When (1950s), Fred Wiley would drive an entire Nationals.
Odd Job
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And by hand too!! Good ole Fred!
Chuck Stearns
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End course video?
2 second end course time window?
Actually, didn't hjenoat go around stuff back then?
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What's a "hjenoat"?
Spel czeck
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The boat
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The drivers of long ago would have a very difficult time driving under the system we have today. Watch the old Pro Tour videos, where's centerline?? I knew some of these guys and they had no intention of driving straight, and depending on who you where is how they pulled you.
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That's kind of a broad generalization about their intent and to say they couldn't drive today is asinine.
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@Babble, You evidently can't read or don't understand English. I didn't say they couldn't drive, I said it would be difficult, I knew most of these guys and there intent was greatly different than drivers today. Get your facts straight.
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Originally Posted by Driver
@Babble, You evidently can't read or don't understand English. I didn't say they couldn't drive, I said it would be difficult, I knew most of these guys and there intent was greatly different than drivers today. Get your facts straight.

Actually you said "very difficult". And if we're going to consider what you're saying as fact, prove it. Otherwise it's hearsay from some anonymous Joe.
I knew some of those drivers as well and the ones I knew would do their best to pull everyone equally - their (not "there") intent was for no special treatment.
And give me a break...the driving they did with manual throttle and much lower horsepower was plenty difficult. Take that out of the mix with ZO, higher hp and efi, and better tracking can't say they'd have any more difficulties than today's drivers.
Ego Driven
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Actually , I didn't say he wasn't a good driver. But deciding to drive for 58 sets--well , that's ludicrous . Eventually your quality will suffer.
That's why pilots, even truck drivers, are limited in hours.
He is not the only great driver out there.
@ego driven
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Maybe the loc decided the drivers Don't be such an assuming dickhead hiding behind a computer screen
Mike Sr.
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I Never met Nate . He seems like a Stand Up Guy by sticking up for the Driver. With his attitude I'm sure he will beat the record again .
Ego Driven
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OK, then How big does your ego need to be to say Yes to the loc when asked to drive 58 sets in one day of a record tournament?
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