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This is a re-post of a trivia question that was contained in another post:

After the introduction of the double-cut, what is the closest that the Boys (now Boys3)
jumping record has 
been in distance to the Open Mens record?  Noting that the Mens
specifications are nearly 
unchanged (6 ft/ 35 mph), while the Boys have been able to go
faster and use the 5 1/2.

Back when, Boys jumped at 5' and 28 mph, then at 30 mph in the late 1970's, and then
finally to 32 mph (51 kph) and 5 1/2' in the 1990's.

The answer isn't what you might think initially.
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Hint:  The current delta distance is  250-193=57.  It has been less; a lot less.
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Ed, My guess is around 1980 when Boys record was 142 (Sammy Duval) and men's record I think was still 180 (Wayne Grimditch) Difference= 38'. I know John Mondor broke the record at 187 at some point in there but can't remember when.

Boys were jumping at 5', 30 mph. My best was 137
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Mondor went 187' for a controversial record in 1979, enabling him to qualify for the Worlds
in Toronto.

vs. Sammy, in Boys he went 142 in 1978 at the Nationals, setting a Boys record that held
until 1986.  In 1978, the Mens record was Wayne's 180', at the 1975 Masters.

So, in 1978, Sammy was 38 feet back of the Mens record.  But, not the closest.  Look
earlier than that; a good bit earlier.
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Lyle, do you remember when Boys went from 28 mph to 30mph?  Somewhere in the
1970's, after Wayne's 134' at the 1972 Seattle Nationals.
Todd McLennan
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Ed, Cool question, Ive often thought about which women's records were closest to the men's records at each point in the history of our sport. Based on your hint, I'm guessing the answer is Jimmy Jackson, Mike Suyderhoud, or Larry Penacho in 1966 or 1968 when the records were around 152 and 155ish.This would make sense, since shorter distances would create a smaller differential between Open men and boys. But, I can't recall the boys records at that time . Another boys jumping trivia question for you... I was speaking to one of our sports icons and he told me which jumper was the last to outjump Sammy right before that 142 in the boys division?
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Originally Posted by Todd McLennan
...Another boys jumping trivia question for you... I was speaking to one of our sports icons and he told me which jumper was the last to outjump Sammy right before that 142 in the boys division?

Was it Carl Roberge?
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 I was speaking to one of our sports icons and he told me which jumper was the last to outjump Sammy right before that 142 in the boys division?

I think it was Dennis Hamondtree (sp?).

I don't know when Boys went from 28-30mph
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Maybe Mark Scharosch, with a Boys record of 137' in 1977 at the Western Regionals 1978,
some 3 weeks before Sammy went 142' at the Nationals.

In Open Men, Sammy held the US record from 1981--1997, covering the range from 193'
to 220'.
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For the Boys record proximity to Men, look earlier than Jackson, Penacho, Suyderhoud.
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For Women vs. Men, I'd want to look up when the modern double-cut era started, as in
1954.  At the end of that season, the Mens number was 106' and Women 70', as of the
and of 1954.  Interestingly enough, both of those marks were set in 1954 at the same
tournament:  the New England Open at Lake Spofford, NH.  Although, the info. I have
gives different dates in 1954 for that event.  Which was just after the 1954 Nationals.

Something maybe more interesting is comparing the US Boys (Boys3) records vs. Women
World Records.  Now, it is 193' Boys and 194' Women.  Tim Bradstreet from AUS
apparently went well over 200' at 5 1/2', but I don't know the speed specs. and his age at
the time.  As to whether he could go faster than 51kph, and whether he was within the
range of age for US Boys.
Todd McLennan
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Those are great guesses, but you may be surprised at the answer-Wade Cox! He told me he beat Sammy one last time before a severe injury to his leg that prevented him from ever jumping again. Before that Wade was a rising star in 3 event including 1985 Jr. Moomba Masters Slalom, Tricks, Jumping & Overall Champion
1981 Nationals - Jr. Boys - Slalom & Overall Champion.

I also remember attending the 1975 Nationals at Tomahawk Wisconsin and watching the Jr Boys jump battle it out- on the podium were Sammy Duvall, Carl Roberge and finally, Mike Morgan, as the champ. In the girls division that same year were future icons Camille Duvall and Deena Brush. The 1975 Nationals proved to be a harbinger of great things to come for the next 15 - 20 years of professional water skiing competition!
Todd McLennan
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Hey Ed, was it Chuck Sligh or Alfredo Mendoza? I'm running out of guesses[smile]
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Todd:  not quite that far back.  Begin with 1954, which is when the Double-Cut first
started to get used.  1954 Nationals had an extra-wide ramp.

Interesting about Wade beating Sammy in Jump.  Kind of like Skip Gilkerson boasting that
he beat Warren Witherell in slalom.  That apparently was a way-back tournament where
Skip ran early, and the wind kicked up for the later skiers.

Strange things happened in the Back When.  Kris LaPoint used to jump, and is even a
member of the Century Club from his performance in Boys.  Smart decision to concentrate
on Slalom, for sure, as he is still going strong at age 63.
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Looked up Wade, and yes:  he did win Jr. Boys SL and OA at the 1981 Nationals.

1975 had plenty of drama, at Tomahawk, WI.  Very nearly a total disaster of an event.

I worked as an official there.  Went to the site the day after the event (Monday), and
the site had big whitecaps rolling through it.
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Joker Osbourne in the mid to late 60s would have been close to a men distance when leaving boys. Don't know how close the records would have been, so I will guess 30 feet between the men's record and the boys. Am I close EB?
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I guess we will never know?
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OK, long enough.  Time to spill the beans.  Best as I can research, it was 1958, when both Boys and Mens records were raised at the Nationals.  Roger Ray 110' in Boys and Joe Cash
136' in Mens.

Delta Distance:  26 feet.  Today, a Boys3 jumper would need to go 124' to equal that.  But,
he would have the 5 1/2 ramp and 4 more mph than in 1958.

Note this is for the "Modern Era" after the double-cut started.  1954 and later.  Go to
this link:

To do your own research.  See pages 4 and 6.

Back then, my older buddies were relatively good in Boys jumping.  What Roger Ray did
at the time was way out of their range, when 80 feet was a great distance in Boys, and
90 feet was death-defying.  Especially in the era of no sidecurtains, narrower jump ramps,
marginal ski sites, etc.
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Make that 224' for a B3.  Fumble finger typing.
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