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Let's face it
Steve B.
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Sucks to hit any of them. But the filled ones do less damage.

Best just to stay way from those buggers.

Steve B.
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On both counts

Water filled, less air  & stay wide, is all you need. 
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Wally Buoys seem to be my favorite.
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YEARS ago when we had a slalom course on a public lake we constantly had to deal with bass fishermen sabotaging our course. 
Those disappearing turn balls were expensive so we started using orange spray painted milk jugs. They didn't hold up to wear or being run over very well so we came up with the bright idea of filling them with liquid Styrofoam. 
BIG mistake.  Like running into a brick.  No broken legs but a LOT of bruises.  Trial and error gentlemen...
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I know I've hit bubble buoys a couple times and have been happy that they were installed. I can always ski a little more aggressively when I know they are in the water. 

But to each their own. 
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They are too big, almost always float too high, and change during a round of a tournament = unfair conditions or unequal conditions within divisions
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