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My Daughter a slalom Skier and is now Tricking as well, We are thinking about her Jumping as well so she could Compete in the 3 event overall. The problem is finding Jump Skis for her size and my Budget, She's 10 yrs old and Weighs 55 Lbs so she needs small Jumpers. Like 70 Inches.  Any thought s? We need them for beginning of March.  

I have been checking everywhere on line, Ski it again etc.   No luck

Keep looking
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They pop up every once in a while. 72 will be more common. Be prepared to pay top dollar for them and when you find some don't wait too long. They go quick. I have a pair of 66ep that are in great shape. People have offered crazy money for them. Won't sell since I know how hard they are to find.
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I have some very small kidder jump skis 63/64 I think where are you
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still have those kidders?
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Yes post me your email
E Zell
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If you still have the Kidders I'd be very interested in them.
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I have some 70" jumpers that I could let go.  If you are still looking, let me know and I will send some pictures.
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I'm also looking for jumpers.  Neil - Do you still have the 70"? 
Ukski - do you still have the Kidders?
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Craig - I sent you an email.
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Do you still have the small jumpers available?  My son (age 8.5) is ready to start.  Thanks!
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