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Daily Mail
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Check out this article:
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He is a bad ass.    Hope none of it is true.
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In the middle of the text of the article:

"Law enforcement sources say that he has since been stripped of his bag and gun, and suspended from duty."

Don't you just hate it when you get stripped of your bag?

Gotta wonder if this is for real or an early April Fools joke.
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No more mojo ?
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This is standard liberal media BS. A couple of local aholes taint everyone. TCS is a great guy and deserves our support. An accusation in a for-profit liberal newspaper does not make it true. People love these type of stories. They want to believe all cops are dirty.

He has been doing a difficult and thankless job stopping gang members from taking over our streets. They sell drugs to buy guns to further their criminal enterprises, violence and corruption. Does it shock anyone that they and their dirty lawyers want him out of the picture?

It is standard procedure to put officers/agents on admin leave during investigations. It is too bad people have rushed to judgement instead of waiting for a complete investigation.
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Yeh, kind of like rushing to judgement against the all bad liberal media newspaper.  Double standard, don't you think?  Wth does the accusation being in any newspaper (liberal or conservative) have to do with anything?  There's a formal investigation underway.  It's news, no matter what newspaper.
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@CAGhettobird "Dirty lawyers?" The only thing that stands between you and the denial of your constitutional rights are "dirty lawyers." Please send me your name so I can put it on my list of people not to help when your tit is in the ringer.

And in my view, Chad is a great guy. I hope the story is inaccurate, or if true, that Chad is exonerated by the investigation. Interestingly, Chad is not the only active duty DEA agent in tournament skiing.

John Wilkins
NY lawyer
Central FL
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I highly doubt it. They'll do their investigation and he'll be fine. They tend to cast a big net, and then weed through it. 
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@Lpskier I don't see what this has to do with you. By your reaction to my comment, I am guessing you are not a dirty lawyer who takes the illegal cash proceeds of gang members and drug dealers. There are plenty of them and they don't stand between anything but criminals and justice.

@whatever there is no rush to judgement on the liberal media. The whole article was about Chad when one of deputies supposedly admitted to wrongdoing. What did all of the ski fluff have to do with that. If the article had any substance it would have focused on what they know, not what they speculate happened and a bunch of hearsay B.S.

I do respect and listen to each persons opinion and did not intend to upset anyone. I support Chad and dragging his good name around in the mud like that pisses me off. 

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As another poster stated ,Chad is off duty till they weed through the big net that was just cast & most likely he'll be back on the job after all is done. 
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Originally Posted by CAGhettobird

@whatever there is no rush to judgement on the liberal media. The whole article was about Chad when one of deputies supposedly admitted to wrongdoing. What did all of the ski fluff have to do with that. If the article had any substance it would have focused on what they know, not what they speculate happened and a bunch of hearsay B.S.

You said the media accused him.  I must have missed that.  You say it's b.s.  But the jury is still out.  You ask what does ski fluff has to do with it.  Well, that makes a better story for the papers.  Maybe a Pointe Break kind of thing.  I think they did focus on what they know, and added the fluff for every single other media outlet known to man.
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@CAGhettobird I'm sorry to say it, but you seem to have a poor grasp on how our criminal justice system is supposed to work. Everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence and a vigorous defense in court. Whether some individual in a particular circumstance is popularly viewed as guilty regardless of being found "Not Guilty," OJ Simpson being a good example, the rules are supposed to be applied equally across the board to all of us. As de Touqville said, "Better a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man go to jail." (Or words to that effect.) The death penalty, which I happen to support, is a good example of  a punishment that can't be taken back, so the guilty party damn well better be guilty. The only way that works to protect an innocent man is for it to work to protect the guilty as well. The "dirty lawyers" you refer to are protecting your liberties as well as the their clients'. Sure, there are a couple bad apples, but that is true in any profession. Heck, there are bad apples in water skiing. The name "Jim Michaels" comes to mind.
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Man, I missed the activity on SkiFly!
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I have to correct my second to last post. First, the correct spelling is "de Tocqueville." Second, the correct quote is "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer." Third, the quote is from William Blackstone. Goes to show what I know...
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It's ironic that you support the death penalty and use that quote. Since the system isn't perfect and occasionally innocent people are found guilty, it's horrible that we choose to accept that and continue with the death penalty. OJ goes free yet innocent people get cooked. Gotta love 'merica.
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This guy Chad worked for the DEA in New Orleans?  Famous for big drug busts?  Famous for putting black people in jail for smoking a little weed?  

I've seen interviews with this guy and from the beginning, he seemed like an a chump. I usually trust my instincts...

Corrupt DEA agents?  NO WAY!!!!

Drug-slicker III
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Well you know the mule and his posse had more than a hand in leakin' a story about DEA dawg, and it's fittin' that one could keep his nose on the straight and narrow through the course when know it's easy to weave more than a few times for your friends. it's so easy it becomes habit. 

Let's just say he had a few in tow and he was keepin' their backs and got caught in the wake. makes for a good print don't it. heck the king outta be proud, look at you now. 
Benefit of Doubt
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Corrupt DEA agents don't need to sell Eagle vests out of the back of their pickup truck to promote a sponsor.
They don't need to drive all night to sit in a boat all day for some no-pay tournament when they could fly. Another sponsor has a jet to transport his team skiers. Guys making less spend more on their deer leases and football season tickets than Chad spends on ski travel.
Payroll Clerk
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Evidently you CPA's have no idea what a DEA agent makes, try 6 figures, but is it worth the risk, you've got to have the passion for the job. Chad Loves his job.
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Yet you hide behind an anonymous screen name.
Shane Hill
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So let me get this straight....... not one legitimate news agency reports on this. Only  a website that's really nothing more than a local "blog", which then gets reposted a few times by other blogs and we're supposed to believe it? Whatever. It's not like you can't hear the vendetta coming out in that blog writers words. You guys calling Chad a chump are probably some of the same ones who have called him when you needed help. 
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Well, the fact that this is a legitimate news story is true. See:

The Advocate is a newspaper in Baton Rouge.

Whether the substance of the allegations discussed in or implied in the story are true is another matter all together. I understand through the skier grapevine that Chad maintains he has done nothing wrong and that he will be restored to full duty once the internal investigation is complete. I hope this is true.

In the meantime, perhaps he has a little extra time on his hands to get his skiing dialed in for the season. Personally, I wish him well.
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He apparently ticked off a judge along the way that let some bad guys go.
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Jim - "chump"?  Based on seeing a short interview?  I think that pretty much shows who the chump is my friend. 
Where there is Smoke?
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More charges for Chad....???  Not looking good for Mr. Scott....

Colleague testifying against him....

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I wouldn't be too worried about a claim made by the defense attorney of a double homicide suspect.
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I can't believe that "payday's" lawyer has any other reason to jump on this bandwagon trying to bring down Chad Scott.  I'm sure that his client is completely innocent. He said he didn't kill those 2 misguided youths, and surely wasn't dealing drugs. 
Anon friend
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This is why skifly can be a poisonous place. I honestly I just read a post describing Chad as a 'chump' based on an interview and inferring that Chad can't be a 'bad ass' because he's 'hiding behind his badge'. You guys don't know him and you have no idea of the real situation. You're just out for blood to find something interesting to do in a boring life.

I don't know about the legitimacy of the claims written in the media but, in my experience at any rate, he couldn't be a better guy. Great driver, great skier, very nice bloke who would help out anyone that needed it without asking for anything in return. I know that from first hand experience. 

For those that think it's funny to write stupid negative things about someone on a forum you will never know what it's like to have your life and faults put out on the rumor mill of the internet to be judged until it happens to you. At that point you'll realize that you wouldn't do it to anyone else.

Chad, hoping things go great for you mate. Screw the sad haters, I'm pulling for you bud.
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Finally someone said some true words about Mr Scott. I also know from first hand experience that he would help anyone he knew with no expectations I am sure there are plenty of drug dealers in Louisiana that have bad things to say about him. I am pulling for you as well. Chad know that you have plenty of supporters in the skiing community. I hope all goes well for you in the end
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Kinda Sad
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Either no one posts because the site isn't "ANONYMOUS" or Sh$t heads can post with impunity  any disrespectful stuff they want ? There has to be somewhere in between , were crap like above can be erased out of respect for none Dick Heads .

Idiot Patrol
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Alright everyone,

Few things were deleted.  You don't like that, then come find me and we can talk about it.
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A real friend
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Originally Posted by Payroll Clerk
Evidently you CPA's have no idea what a DEA agent makes, try 6 figures, but is it worth the risk, you've got to have the passion for the job. Chad Loves his job.
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Any new status on this?

I'm hoping the accusations are BS and Chad is exonerated.

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Someone had to go down for dept ... looked like he got the short straw. He's moved on to the private sector where he'll do just fine. 
just saw
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his luck changed
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All the best of luck to you Chad. F*ck the haters.
Bearing bad news
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I can’t believe how horrible this must be for Chad and his family. I don’t know Chad but want to believe his good is way better than his transgressions ....if any.

If someone close to him will initiate a gofundme for legal expense then I will contribute.
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I hope Chad gets proven innocent & can put thing behind him  !
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He doesn't have to get proven innocent, he is that at this moment. He has to be shown to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Not only that, in organizations, even if he did say stretch policy or law, his supervisors have a duty to ensure that doesn't happen.

So unless it's v/ blatant stuff, they'll have a hard time making it stick, imo.
Steve Garcia
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I was in the courtroom the entirety of the proceeding yesterday. This article is inaccurate in many respects and written by an author who since day one has been inaccurate and unfair in his reporting.
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Bail hearing go OK?
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If its in the newspaper, it must be true. Not!
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So the newspaper is the one who charged him and set a $300K bail? Not.
LA Law
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And what does that mean. The man has been charged and will get his day in court. Hopefully for all his legal team will present the facts and he will walk free.
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Exactly right. Just saying that if the newspaper has it out for him, the charges and amount of bail are irrespective of the story in the press. Sounds like you know all the facts. That’s great. Look forward to the happy ending here.
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