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Little bird mentioned Scot upped the M3 jump record to 200'??. If so congrats. Kinda surprised it wasn't mentioned anywhere on skifly yet.
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Scot, amazing jump! Congrats. you are a BEAST! 200' on a 5' [thumb][biggrin][cool]
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That is just dumb! Yes I agree that is a great jump but Scott isn't a men three competitor he is open or pro. This is a small reason people don't go to nationals or even bother. Why would I spend all that money to travel to ski against pros. TO all PROS stop coming into the Amauture tournaments and saying you won nationals cause you cheated. You don't see the pro football teams stepping down into a division they can win a title just to say they won.
Frank W
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@unfair- this is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard.  You must be one of those bleeding hearts that believe everyone deserves a ribbon??  Everybody wins??

If you are the best then you deserve records for being the best.  Period. I don't see any cheating involved here at all.  You want to win Nationals?  Get better.  Until then, don't sit there and take something away from someone who has spent their life earning it
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Quite an accomplishment for Scot at age 44, long after most would have retired.  And, nearly into Men4.  Maybe has plans to enter the Sr. Worlds later on.

When M3 first started up, way back in the 1950's, it was called Senior Men.  I recall
Doc JD Morgan (Mike's dad) setting a record in the 1973 Nationals at Petersburg, VA:
123 feet. And, yes, the boat speed has gone up since then.  Then:  28mph.  Now:
35+mph (57kph).

By the way, the word is "amateur".  Spell check, anyone?
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I don't recall Scot ever jumping m3 in nationals to supposedly take someone's placement/win. Not that I'd care if I skied vs a pro and lost anyway. Still have to try to beat whoever shows up regardless. Records are for the best skiers at such a time/division. Don't see why possibly a 1st year nonpro m3 rt from the 5.5 couldn't have a decent chance at 200 plus too eventually. (Not by any means saying 200 is easy for anyone fyi)
Gerry Carson
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Scott not only set a jump record that day, but also helped out with the tournament working hard as an official, driving for jump and tricks, pinning for trickers, coaching, hanging out and talking with the skiers, and he taught my 12 year old son how to jump by going over the jump with him!
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Ditto what Gerry said.........their were more people watching Scot ride over with Gerry's son that day than watching any of the tournament...maybe even the record jump. All in a day for him.....Impressive.
Oh and Gerry's son's first jump lesson was safe and successful. Isn't that how we grow the sport??
Scot Ellis
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Thanks everyone for the good comments and bad.  I can see that "unfair" doesn't know what he is talking about.   This is my last year in Men 3 so I wanted to give the record a try and get over 200'     Happy I did it.    Palm Bay had perfect conditions for it.

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