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So, a couple steps up from Kevin Jack's invention, which was a front flip starting from
the back position?  This trick is actually in the Rules, as:

BFLSLBB Wake Flip Full Twist B-LB   Trick #64  Worth 900 pts.

I can imagine the "fun" that a high-level judge will have recognizing it and calling it.

eb you are wrong
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this is something new not in the book and would come in as FFLBB
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Trick # 63 is a FFLBB, but it appears that the ski may also go over the line in the video?

So, this would be a new trick, as in FFLLBB?  Put in for it to be added to the list, and
include that video.

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Um can we get this tricks' name correct... its called "The Dirty Nurse"
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Now we're talkin! If we could start naming tricks like that, I'd pay a lot more attention to tricks. Can you imagine them calling that run on the loud speaker for the crowd? We'll need a few more catchy names for tricks.  Suggestions?  

They just might bring tricks back on tour...if there was such a thing as a tour.
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Back siding a dirty Nurse would be a good start on or off the water .
Ride it out
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That was sick, and stuck!, and this isn't really pertaining to that landing, but tricking needs to stop accepting instant slide outs for back landing tricks, it's sloppy.  Most stick it and move on, but too many get away with sliding out a flip landing in the back, it's become too common and expected, and looks terrible.
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Obviously performed behind a 197
too cool
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that was badass. 
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