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Interesting read
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in the end reasonable. does this just apply to egregious weaving or other things like bouy level, positioning within tolerance, rope and handle length, gate positioning, you know all the standard tricks...
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just weaving
Suprized !
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What is a real shocker is that the AWSA has released the minutes from the winter meeting this early. In most years this type of information is released maybe two weeks in front of the next important meeting. 
As for the Disciplinary action it All could have been handled regionally had the EVP and drivers committee members of the perspective regions had some stone's to do so and not look to the BOD and AWSA  president to do their dirty work.

For the AWSA this document is actually a very important one as many of the leaders are asking for more rules and policy and others are asking that membership needs to increase. Maybe the the reason for the loss of members and the lack of membership growth is due to these Analites asking for more rules and policy !
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and yet none of the scores were approved by Pan-Am so there are not on the official World Ranking List. AWSA says the scores are good, Pan-Am clearly has a different opinion. Who is at fault: AWSA or Pan-AM?
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Disciplinary action required for crazy parents
Gary Glitter
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oooh  oooh Dream Weaver, I believe you can get me through the course!
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Where was the CD & boat judge?
Royal One
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Same old story, and the same old results, look the other way
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@Royal One. You have no clue what you are talking about.
Just Curious
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Were the scores approved by Pan Am or not, that's all I'm asking, if not then that's all I need to know, what the truth is somewhere in between
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For the Cottonwood Tournaments (17C011R and 17C012R), the rounds pulled by the driver in question were reclassified as Class F scores in the US ranking list and those scores do not appear in the most recent IWWF ranking list.  However, scores from rounds pulled by other drivers are included in the IWWF ranking list.

Interesting side note - the scores from the Little Mountain tournaments in question (16S102R and 16S147R) did not have the rounds reclassified in the US ranking list, but NONE of the scores from these tournaments appear in the most recent IWWF ranking list.
Rush to Judgement
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In AWSA's rush to judgement to find the accused guilty, the powers in charge failed to follow proper procedure.  Long delays and do overs pushed the PanAm region to do something even though it's their policy to follow the recommendation of the National Federation.  So now that the PanAm region pulled the scorebooks there's no good way to reverse the decision. 
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