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There are muscles in my back that are persistent in dysfunction and tight/pain. I've been rolling, lacrosse balls, core work, stretching, etc. with no improvement= frustration!

So enough is enough, went to a good physio clinic yesterday and the guy was like whoa there is work to do here...from top to bottom. 

Straight to DRY NEEDLING. I really never heard of this but asked about the theory as I got a lot of pins stuck in me. He ID'd the problem muscles then inserted the needle deep into the muscle trigger point. This starts a process of relaxing the traumatized muscle, allowing circulation and anti-inflammatory effects to occur. Follow with heat.  Mid-lower was done yesterday and I can't wait for the shoulders, which he will do tomorrow. 

So far the difference has been quite remarkable, just in 24 hours. [smile]

Waterskiing is tough on the body, here's some hope.

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ancient chinese secret? 
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No -actually a modern-day discovery. Works on a technicality of sorts. Basically you jam needles deep into the muscle, finding the worst spot.

For greater effect they can leave it in and if you are up to it (bring it on!) wiggle it around I think. Feels like a root canal! I was sweating, but hurt so good. 

In the two sessions I took a lot of steel. Has worked AMAZING so far. But seriously need to go back for more. 

This therapy - called IMS is actually well suited to skiers, with traumatized muscle groups. And may even improve your circulation to the brain after loosening up the shoulders and neck. 

Skiing can be a high impact, high force and RSI. Other sports that involve contact, heavy forces that rip apart muscles would also benefit.  To me it's ideally suited for skiing.

Shoulders, back, glutes, forearms, umm  the whole body?   
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