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Pro Skiers are great athletes, which ones can dunk a basketball? Freddy and Dodd might despite their stature. How about Ace and other trickers who do flips. CP or Nate? Rossi?

It's cold and I'm bored
Liquid D
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Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess CP can dunk.
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If spawn counts, I bet Mike Mapple can dunk. He has the second highest standing high jump in my gym.

Wade Cox played ball when he was a kid and he's pretty tall, so maybe.

Marcus Brown... No.
Todd McLennan
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I've seen Parrish dunk and I've heard several times that Freddy can dunk.It's not a common question, good luck getting more facts [smile]
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Does it matter if they dunk anything ?
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The only thing I can dunk is a donut.
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freddy can dunk
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Standing vertical leap:  would be interesting to see some jumpers (and other skiers) try
it.  Simple to do; nothing high-tech.

Holding a marker, reach up and mark a wall without getting on tiptoes.  Then, crouch and
jump; make another mark at your peak height.  Measure the difference between the two.  Take several tries.

And, let us know.

When I was in my prime, it was about 20 inches.  Now, it is 7 inches or less, with my
walking disability, and at age 74.  I have heard about some huge numbers that NBA
type players can do.  As in over 36 inches.

Uh, and don't use permanent marker on your mother's house walls!
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