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Here's a bit of an interesting question:

Between Boys3 and Open Women, who will be the first to set their division record
at 200+ feet? And, when will it happen: sooner, or later?

Right now: it's Boys3 at 193 and Open Women at 194. 30 years ago, it was Cindy
Todd at 145' and JD Wiswall at 143'. It has been a close contest.

Central FL
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Open Women....not sure which one, or will it be a newbie? 
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Australian U17 jump record: Tim Bradstreet 62.6m (205f) Florida InBoard Open Santa Rosa Beach Florida USA May 2010
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And, Tim also went 228' at 5 1/2. He was 2nd at the 2011 Worlds. Sure would like
to see him make a comeback, plus get it together on the 6 foot ramp and maybe
challenge the big 250.

But, looking for US Boys3 vs Open Women for the race to 200.
Sure about those?
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I thought JD went 150+ in Boys (prior to the split into 1-3). Is that not the case?
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JD raised the Boys record more than once.  @5' and 30mph (48kph).  His last one and the
last before B1,2,3 was 158' at Sunset Lakes in June 1988.

In 1986, at the Jr. Worlds in Milan, he went 49.5m (~162'), but that may have been with
a faster speed, maybe even a 5 1/2 ramp.

I remember him at the 1988 Jr. Worlds Down Under on the Yarra, where he won jumping,
but I don't know the distance.
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Look out. JD's dad is three eventing this year.
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At the 2002 Malibu Open in Rio Linda, CA (Bell Acqua Lake #1), Elena Milakova raised the
World Record to 56.6m (186') on her opener jump.  Didn't take the other 2, as she was the
last skier out.  I almost think that she could have gone 200' there.  The 186' didn't even
look that great, as she had a bit of a mid-air recovery.

Shortly before, on her 3rd jump, Emma Sheers raised the distance record, and earned the
dubious distinction of holding the record for 2 minutes 55 seconds, which must be some
sort of record in itself.

Of course, earlier that year, at the Masters, Elena went 228' in Ski Flying, but I'm thinking
of when either a Boys3 US or Open Woman goes 200', and who will be first to do so.
ozzy/ozzy/ozzy oi oi oi
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first to 200' in men - an Aussie 
first under 17 boy to 200 - an Aussie
I think I see a pattern here......has to be Jacinta
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