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Of course, not to ignore the Women.  Clem was the first to 10K.

But, this is my accounting.  US trick records were not official until 1973, and World
records started the same time.  Any way, here are my stats, open to dispute:

First to:
3,000:  Geoff Wolfe?
4,000:  Al Tyll
5,000:  Ricky McCormick
6,000:  Carlos Suarez
7,000:  Carlos Suarez
8,000:  Patrice Martin
9,000:  Cory Pickos
10,000: Cory Pickos
11,000: Tory Baggiano
12,000: Nick LeForestier
Todd McLennan
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What about Russ Stiffler? Think he may have beaten Carlos Suarez to either six or seven thousand back in the seventies but I'm not positive
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