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I'm not sure if I know any gay skiers, but I hope our skiing community suffered no loss in the tragic shooting at Pulse, a club in Orlando, early this morning. Certainly an act of domestic terrorism. Whether it is in fact international terrorism is yet to be seen.

At home in NY, I leave the doors unlocked and my biggest worries are ice, beavers and raccoons. At home in Orlando, I carry.
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I don't think you can carry in a nightclub.
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You carry an ak47??
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Beretta 96
skifly lover
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gotta love skifly !!! lpskier is opening this thread to 2 possible directions :

- gay bashing and outing gay skiers ...( btw is Russel safe ?!?)
- gun control and the NRA

happy monday everyone !
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Yeah, LPSKIER's opening post just shows how dumb the man truly is.... 
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I thought it was strange. At first headlines were shooting in a nightclub. Then that morphed into GAY nightclub. It might be known as a gay friendly place, but I'm sure it's open to anyone, so why the label in the headline? Bullets don't make choices on who to strike.

This kind of violence is taking the means available - that is weaponry that has absolutely NO business being sold publicly, and combining that with a marginalized and mentally screwed up person, who has bought off on the radical group marketing.

These groups strategically target the yoyo's, young males with angst, anger, etc. and not much outward or inward success, and wrap their message into a package that is obviously effective enough to cause action. 

Solution starts with getting to this young male group of really screwed up kids before the meaner organizations get into their heads.To go after the hate & violence organizations is difficult, because just more spring up.  


Was he?
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"These groups"?
That's what's wrong with a lot of the attitudes and reporting. Turns out this guy was closeted, and frequented this club. It appears he had no connection to and Isis didn't support or back him until after the tragedy. To me he wasn't Isis- he was a confused mentally unstable a-hole with military grade weaponry.
@Was he?
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Man, you are so screwed up in your thinking. Sounds like a typical Lib in denial who lives in LaLa land.
This Guy at the age of 14 was cheering in High School when the airplanes hit the trade center on 9/11 and sent to the principals office for his behavior.He comes from very Radical Parents from Afghanistan who praise the Taliban. Another reason we don't need 550 thousand more Muslims from Syria sent here like Hillary Clinton wants.
Then you have Obama who signs a deal with the most Radical supporter of terrorism the world, Iran, to allow them to have Nuclear Weapons, and gives them 1.5 Billion Dollars to help support more terrorism. When are you going to wake up, when the Mushroom Cloud is over your neighborhood !!!
Was he
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Did Trump tell you about the 9/11 cheering?
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Well, this thread went in the wrong direction. I'm sorry I started the discussion.

John Wilkins
@Was he
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Actually reported on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and CNN, where they also interviewed his classmates. This Guy had mega problems for years. A perfect canidate to be radicalized. Since he called 911, 20 minutes into his shooting spree, declaring his allegiance to ISIS. Then later ISIS takes credit and declares him one of their fighters.  Also friends with a suicide bomber from the same Mosque.
Was he
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You sure do channel surf.
!Was he
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It's called Google.....Maybe you should try it sometime before you make stupid statements.
Was he
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You sure do surf the Internet a lot
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Military Grade Weaponry????????? I thought it was a Sig MCX.....didn't know that any military in the world used a production rifle..........or that anyone without a class 3 stamp could get one
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