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I hope that a lot of you people can make it to Disney's Epcot the last weekend in April.
And, maybe the McCormick tournament.

One of the 5 inductees for the Award of Distinction is Rob Bemman.  Maybe not all that
well-known.  The guy was a Cypress Gardens show skier and a good tournament

He now is running a machine shop in Winter Haven.  Doing some good things for
the sport, especially constructing jump ramps.  Back On The Tour, the management
finally smartened up and got themselves a Bemman portable ramp.  Earlier times, we
maybe would work about a whole week with some piece of crap local ramp to get it
ready.  Some ramps that had never gone to 6 feet, for example.  At two Tour events,
we had ramps start to self-destruct during the competition.

Originally, the Bemman portable fold-out ramps were designed more for show skiing.
We worked with Rob to improve the design, and he worked with us.

The guy is just about a one-man operation now at his machine shop.  i'd call him the
Tom Swift of water skiing.  I need to drop in on him for a visit before long, and to
congratulate him.

And, for sure, there will be other deserving people honored at the HOF.
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Rob is by far the best, EB had to listen to you complain about the meal last year, which I though was great. Hope you take your free ticket this year and be more courteous
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Actually, freebies for the HOF banquet are few and far between.  The honorees do pay,
best as I know.

As far as the banquet food, the Lakeland Center got at least a 9 out of 10, back when we
went there.  Disney had chicken as the main course; Lakeland Center had steak.  Oink-oink.  I expect that the whole banquet hall rental at Disney was not cheap, though.
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