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it could surely be adapted to waterski jumping to measure height , hang time , landing force and surely calculate distance by some algorithm ?

what do you think ? 

I think it could be fun to have a waterski jumping leaderboard world wide for skiers to play !

a lot
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like Splasheye
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thats not exactly the same , spasheye is a costly , heavy setup that is only installed at 45 sites worldwide ...

the idea would be a sensor you stick on your skis and off you go , regardless on site , hit a ramp anywhere world wide , post your score online and compare yourself on the leaderboard , by site , country , continent , worldwide ...

challenge your friends anywhere ! 
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i'd throw that sucker right before landing!
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Nice idea - tried to do it years ago - too hard to get a distance within a couple of metres

So stuck with that costly, heavy setup that people love!

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@splasheye , while you targetted the competition scene and came up with a great system that is Iwwf approved and can be used in tournament , the woo is more targetted to the fun and leisure audience of kitesurfers , accuracy is not the most important here , its about fun and challenges between friends boosting worldwide

take a look at this

I'd love to see the skiing community this active , maybe someone in ski jumping should get hold of these guy and see if the device could be adapted to skiing ...

many other devices out there doing the same kind of metrics for all sorts of extreme sports : woo , xsensr , piq ...
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Anybody have any idea on what kind of time or cost it would take to upgrade the standard Video Jump Measurement software to be able to use 1920x1080 cameras?
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How about this WOO, courtesy of Daffy Duck?

Image result for daffy duck woo hoo

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