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Wally Weekend
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I finally pulled out an old HO Burner (of the old HO freeride series) to mess around with in the course.  It does not have an adjustable fin, but I may want to make some slight adjustments to it.  I have ridden one before (only about 12-15 years ago if I had to guess) and it was fun to slalom shortline with at 30mph.  I think the skier that let me use it they may have had an adjustable fin he put on.  Anyways I rode it this past weekend and while I am sure most of the problem is me, I think the fin could be tweaked to allow the ski to turn more freely.  So I was wondering if anyone had any suggested ideas or settings for these.  I assume not, but thought I would ask.  We may see if there is an old phantom or cdx fin that we can use to make the adjustments, or I may toss a few dimes under to shallow it up.  Perhaps one dime less depth, and I could pull out the drill if I decide to move the fin forward a touch.  (Or maybe just ski better)
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Same settings as for any other ski, maybe a bit more area eg
2.45 6.880  and DFT set it to where the fixed fin ended as a starting point

Anyway it's not depth or length that matter so much but total metal in the water
And with that ski you can go shallower/longer because you are not stomping the ski at 35off ++

It is correct that the fixed fins on those are BIG and will hold the backend too much
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