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Can't guarantee my memory, but I think that I have seen a RTWO wrap-IN.  And, without
the skier having to grab the towline immediately.

Maybe a Russian woman?  These days, the high-point trickers tend to do a TWLO after
the TWO, vs. a reverse TWO.

I also think that I've seen a RT7F, which means wrapping into the Russ-wrap.  Note that
this trick isn't even listed in the table of points.

No one is doing it now, but I think that Ricky McCormick used to do a WL5LB, which is
a double-step over trick.

I saw Cory do a W9F many years back in a demonstration at a Tour event.  It involved
2 handle passes.

Don't think that anyone has ever scored a wake double flip, or maybe even attempted
to do it in a tournament.  I know the trick has been done in a wakeboard event.

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Some amazing stuff, although nowhere 12,610 points.
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Gotta love the counter spin tricks...
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And when he was younger...
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Here is a link to Ana Maria Carrasco who in here second pass does a reverse TWO wrap in.
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Looked up World performances.  Yes, she won in 1981.  The 12,750 is the SUM of 2 rounds.  Best round:  6660.

Noting the RTWO near the end.  Looks OK for credit.
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Noting that the Worlds summed scores in the Preliminaries and Fiinals.  That continued on
through the Worlds 1989 at West Palm Beach.  Then changed for 1991 and beyond.  Back
then, someone who pulled a huge score in the Prelims could just about coast through the
Finals to win.
Was just talking about th
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... Are there any toe flips?
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Vs. Toe Flips:  I think that Nick Leforestier posted something back some time ago.  Might
have to involve a wrap-in TO first.  Better have a good release.
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Correct me if I'm wrong...but the toe runs from back in the day look more complex and more points than the ones these days, why isn't it like that anymore?
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To answer the last query:  I don't think that there were toe wake line tricks until relatively
recently.  High point tricks that don't take a lot of time.  Some big runs have TWL5B and
reverse in them.  Also, there now are ski lines and a bunch of flips.
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Make that:  certain Toe Wake Line tricks.  Like TWL5B.  There even is a TWL7F, which I've
never seen done.  But, maybe has been performed as a demo. to get in the Rules.
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Joel McClintock did RTWO late 70's into early 80's.
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Wow, that Anna Marie was smokin hot!
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Not an "impossible" trick, but one that we see in some high-point runs.  This is a W7B,
going from inside the wake to outside.  So, can someone post a video of this trick being
done completely clean and legit?  No pre-turn, no tip/tail ticks, no slid landing.  And,
which will stand up to close scrutiny, even frame-by-frame.
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Just watched the Patrice recovery. No pinner? Or did the pinner just wait to
see what he could make of it? Could have been nasty if he didn't recover.
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From what I've heard from at least 2 top coaches, Patrice's father pinned for him, and
was very reluctant to pull the release.  But, let Patrice recover on his own.  Fortunately,
Patrice still has 2 working legs.

Think the trick in question was a toe trick where Patrice ended up in a front position with
a seated drag.  A recoverable situation for some, but not all.
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several old school top trickers did both W7B. Anna & Neilly both do 1.
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I still would like to see a good quality video of a W7B going from inside to out.  Maybe
Tony Lightfoot has some footage.
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Remembering an anecdote from an old days judge from the 1950s, he was a West Coaster,
and spoke about toe wake tricks.  Apparently a new addition to the Rules.  Story goes
that some East Coast people, probably Floridians, had tried them (TWB, TWF) and came
up with the verdict that they were "impossible", or at least too difficult.

But, in California, that opinion had not filtered through.  So, trickers tried them, and were
able to do them, and added them to their runs.
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