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I'm sure that many of you out there have stories about disasters with your ramp, or near
disasters.  How about them?  Ramps getting hit by storms, falling apart, sinking, etc.
I have a few.

On The Tour at Ski Paradise near Lansing, MI, the main beam on the left side of their
ramp failed, and that side sagged badly.  Think it must have been a wooden beam.  It
was during Mens Jumping, where the skiers put extra stress on ramps.  The local club
fixed it (sort of) overnight.  The next day, Deena set one of her World Records on it.
However, parts of the ramp on the left side were out of tolerance.  I took all sorts of
measurements to show that the path the jumper takes was OK per the out-of-plane rule.
The IWSF ended up accepting that record.

On the early Tour, we relied on the local ramp, or whatever was available.  And had to
spend days at times working on them.  Eventually, the Tour management smartened up
and got their own ramp...after they got sued once.
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