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No one can just ski well!
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Good god another week another bunch of very good slalom scores. Amazed no one questioned boat path, pass times, line lengths, buoy widths, course lengths, cruise control set up. Surely they cheated at something if the scores were so good!
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Surely you know why there's no questions asked. I believe it's Lymanland
Ron J Dio
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Shirley you jest?
Taking a look at the score's on line does not show that score's were out of the box, most skied at their average ! except for the world record holder, she now has run 39 behind most any driver and lake and boat! Word has it that there was a 50" big screen TV being utilized for all to see end course.
And it is spelled "LymanLand" !

Sign up for the Southern Regionals and come see for your self!  

And don't call me Shirley!!
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No one raises questions because Lyman is the question raiser. He won't question scores from his own tournament.
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LIE manland, you don't get it?
Score's ??? Go back to 2nd grade.
James Burton
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The drivers at Lymanland last weekend included Chad Scott, Lyman, Chris Carter, and Ham Wallace.

The only big scores were from Brian Detrich (5 @ 41') and Regina Jaquess (2 1/2 @ 41').  Those are pretty standard scores for both of those skiers....and they both ran the same scores behind different drivers.  Detrich came really close to getting to 6 ball and running the pass.  Pretty exciting to watch.

Rodger Logan and Jerry Jackson (TCs) set up the end course video for live feed review in the new $40,000 official's building at the end of the lake.  The CJ (Milton Weathers) and other officials reviewed the end course in real time (and all passes were recorded).  The set up included a 42" ultra high definition monitor and a sophisticated (expensive) end course camera that provided incredible clarity.

Can't get any better than the setup at Lyman's.  Time for the bashing to stop, quite frankly.

Southern Regionals at Lymanland in a couple of weeks.  Should be a fun time for all.
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Hey guys, it's clearly not ok to bash Lyman or anyone at his tournament. The only drivers and tournament officials you're allowed to question are those in North Carolina. In fact this is actively encouraged. I hope this makes it clear.
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Actually I was at the tournament and all of Brian Detrick's scores were posted behind Chad Scott.  I believe his boat path has been reviewed over the years plenty of times. After each round I saw him go and review his own boat path.  AWSA Technical Committee chairman was there to make sure all was legit and in tolerance. 
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Can't wait to go back to Lymanland for Regionals...been awhile since I have skied them but Lymanland is awesome!! Going to be a Hoot!!...Let's Rock!!
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