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Ski 39
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Things were rockin at the mountain this past weekend, I've never seen so many 41's run in my life, much less all the PB's. Greatest slalom site in the world, thanks to Tommy and Jeff for a pristine site, conditions, and officials, nobody does it better
Ski Touche
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Where are the scores?  Have they been posted?  If not posted, why not?
Newspaper man
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Sometimes scores don't post because there are no scores, watch what I say, there's no need in posting until everybody is on the same page
Bob Weave
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Not sure what that prior post means.  Where are the scores?  Surely they have been posted by now?  I am hearing all kind of HUGE scores put up, including multiple guys getting into 43 multiple times.  Canadian and European slalom records?
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I don't understand why scores have not been posted from this tournament?  What is up with that? 

Heard Freddy got into 43 all FOUR rounds, Corey Vaughan got into 43, Nate got into 43.....WOW.

Who was driving?  What boat(s) were used?  I think it is a CC site, but Freddy is MC.
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Eight scores at 43. Corey (1) and Nate (3) behind Nautique in Open Men and Freddie (4) behind MC in International Men. Manon Costard ran 39 twice (MC) with a half and one at 41 for pending European women's records. Tommy Harrington and Jeff Gilbert drove the R part of the tournament.
TC Bob
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When scores of this magnitude show up at one event, it's prudent for all involved to check the boat path video,ropes, course survey, to insure everything is on the up and up. Our tech gurus have computer programs that can rate/justify the probability of these type scores happening at one event. I would hate to speculate but??
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then don't d...head. Big scores show up there every tournament. Absolute perfect conditions, no backwash, bouys to perfect height, gas light, crew light, boat dialed. Can't wait to go sometime! 

Gee, nate ran 41. That's never happened. Corey V is about 8 ft tall, and been knockin on door for a while. Freddy W has been in 43 many times. Manon has been the up and coming threat for bit, and might be the only surprise in that bunch. 
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so bring on the scores.
NC Slalom Dude
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Where are the scores?  Still not posted?  Something wrong?

Where are the videos.....anyone post to YouTube?  End course videos available for some of the big runs?  Love to see how the drivers handled all of those 41 off passes...they must be really special.  Lot of drivers would like to have the chance at pulling these kind of runs.

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As an appointed judge at the event, I saw nothing that made me raise my eyebrows. As a driver, I'm glad that pressure wasn't on me. Tommy Harrington and Jeff Gilbert are great drivers whose integrity is beyond reproach. I also trust the TC completely. Ann Harrington was the chief scorer. The scores will be posted in due time.

There is no surprise that Nate ran 41. Freddie running 41 four times was perhaps unexpected but well within his considerable skill set. Corey ran 41 last fall, and it's not a shocker that he did it again. Although he does seems to run 41 only when I'm a judge at the tournament...

Good things happen at Little Mountsin because of all the things done right, not because things are done wrong.

John Wilkins

P.S. Manon Costard is the Jennifer Aniston of water skiing. Aside from just killing it in the slalom course, she is very nice with a great (and ready) smile. And, I might add, she had a lot to smile about!
Mark Smith
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Sounds a bit like Trophy Lakes, back in the day, eh?

Same players, different place.
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Yeah, some people skied well, the scores must be fake! Bet no one even skied and they just paid the judges off! Whoever had the best scores must have given the most money! It's not possible for people to ski well without monetary doping!
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Has anyone seen the end course video?  Usually when there are big performances someone posts them on YouTube.  How come no video posted of anything from the event?
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Scores are up.
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Scores are up.
Mark Smith
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Scores now up.....looks like a lot of people running PBs.  Must have been some slick driving at that awesome tournament site.  At least not just ONE person (ala Dr. Jim in Wisconsin) getting some huge scores.

Again, as others have asked....where are the EC videos and where are the You Tube posts.  Strange that no video seems to exist.
@mark smith
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Just playing devils advocate here but why do you think the guys at Little Mountain have a duty to put up videos? I agree, it would be nice but in no other non-pro event do you ever usually see videos from tournaments unless its a World Record. They should youtube their end course so cowardly faceless doubters on skifly can stop claiming they cheated? Sounds like a worthwhile activity.
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Wow, I can't believe how negative people are around here. No wonder this sport is dying. You kill yourself to get a new PB (or put on a tournament so others can) and people start calling the integrity of the event into question.

Skiing is fun. Let's have fun. Let's be happy.  
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Also, everyone bitches and moans about all the technology it takes to put on tournaments, or the number of judges you need or sanctioning forms to fill out, etc. 

Well, how do you think it got this way? Everyone demanding that there be absolute proof for scores and the most drastic measures needing to be taken just to stop the 2% that might be doing something fishy. 

You can't have it both ways. 

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Years ago, before centerline video, there were scandals about drivers 'weaving' to favor
the skier.  At least one driver in question was famous for trying to help the skier.  He
is now deceased, and I won't bring up his name.

For practice, I have messed around with moving the boat, and my skier friend said that
it made a big difference.  Of course, in the way back, just keeping the boat on line was
a task.  Such as when I owned a Crosby twin rig.

I may be somewhat responsible for the Cl. video requirement.  At a tournament in South
Florida, when men were first running 39, and getting into 41, I was watching the boat path
through a survey instrument.  And, reporting that information with the record application.
One score even got reduced by a buoy because of that.
Mark Smith
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European/French OW Slalom end course video required?

Canadian Men 5/6 ? Slalom end course video required?

Posting the end course videos for these and other high end performances would make a lot of this talk about CHEATING by the driver(s)go away.  Maybe. 

Mr. Jeff's driving has been questioned in the past so please, no more talk about what a wonderful driver he is.....

Just sayin'.

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Freddie running 41 4 times a surprise? not really, he ran it 3 times at Bennetts a month back...
@mark smith
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European Records need to be judged by the European committee, the same as a world record. The boat camera will be reviewed for Manons record. When it is approved I will write on here and you will be seen as the sad fool you are.
@mark smith
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Also, the Canadian senior record was done at Cottonwood, not Little Mountain. Different driver, different lake, different STATE. 
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@?? Surprise to me. I've skied tournaments with Nate in the past, so I knew what to expect. This was my first Freddie experience. I was impressed and surprised when a stranger to me ran 41 in each round. With Nate I sort of expected it.
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Seriously??? Been living under a rock the past 2 years??? Freddie has more tournament 41s under his belt than Nate this season so far.
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Regina blows 2.5 at 41 at Lymanland
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@@lpskier. Call me stupid then. Oh wait, I guess you just did! Boy, it sucks to be me. :-(
43 Off
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First post on ski fly. But it was brought to my attention of some bashing going on so I thought I would take a look. Not one to post on forums.

Yes there was great skiing at Little Mountain a few weeks back. I arrived the night before the tournament and both Freddie and I took a practice set with both of us running 41. Halfway through my set I was amazed at how well the water was skiing. Usually the place skis awesome but this year the water was about 7-9° warmer than I have ever seen it. I have skied all but one tournament there since the very first one. It was super slow and soft water with just a perfect little head tail wind all weekend this year. By far the best conditions in the last 5 years there.

I ran 1@43, and 5@41 the first day and 1@43 the second day skipping the last round to catch a flight. Freddie ran 41 all 4 rounds. Surprising? A little. But up for questioning? Not at all. He's been killing it. Take a look at his previous tournament rounds. Chad Scott driving down at Bennetts and ran it all three rounds one day. Manon running 39 twice out of 4 rounds? Not that surprising. She had a PB of 5.5@39 before that I believe. She's been knocking on the door for awhile. Corey ran 41 as well. Little surprising yes but again he's been skiing very well the last 6-12 months and ran one in Florida last fall. I don't question it.

All I'm saying is just because there are some big scores in one weekend I don't think there is a huge demand for boat path and questioning scores and all that. Take in to account first who all was at the tournament. A lot of the top pros showed up that weekend. Why? Because of how great of a site it is and how great the hospitality is in North Carolina. That ski club works harder than anyone almost to make everything perfect. Could not have asked for better conditions either. Ask anyone that has been there about the site, water, and hospitality. You'll always get the same answer.

Yes. I do have to admit. Freddie has run more 41's than me this year! Let's try not to be so negative every time there are some decent scores out there. Especially from skiers that didn't PB. (Me, Freddie, and Corey) Manon was the only "big" score that was a PB.

But I'm with you guys. Let's see boat path. I love watching that stuff as well.

Sorry for the rant. Just want you to see from a skiers side as well......negativity doesn't get us anywhere with a sport that is slowly diminishing. It's up to us to keep it alive.

Nate Smith
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Good, clear post Nate. That will prob quiet it down a little.........

Interesting to hear a personal perspective as opposed to the anon / conspiracy theory approach..
Wannabe 41
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Great Reply Nate, I know all three Directors, the EVP, and the IWWF have seen some of the video. I would be curious to hear what Jim thinks. I always thought cold water skied better?? Where's the next big REL so we have something to compare to?
Ray Davies
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The review process is underway which involves plotting boat paths, a time consuming task.  This is being done at the highest level of AWSA and by IWWF.  The Southern Region Directors and EVP have nothing to do with it. 

Hopefully this will prove that all is well at Little Mountain and they can go back to running all these huge scores up at every tournament without question....PERIOD.  Life is short, have fun and run 41 off with a little help from your friends.  [smile]
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@wannabe41. If you think cold water skis better, come to Nova Scotia in May. You won't be able to see your PB with binoculars.
Not happening
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End courses will never be posted
SC Skier
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It would be my guess there's a reason there's no video, remember this is NASCAR country, boys will be boys, if you ain't cheatin you ain't winning I think is how the slogan goes. Where have all the SF investigators gone we use to know everything before it all shook out. No noise is not good
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I thought Zapruder posted all the tapes. They were killer.
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Well it's kinda like the missing emails, you just don't know what's on them. 
Randy California
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Not Worth the aggravation to air out the end course on a public forum. As much as we want to see them it is not in the best interest for those involved and the to sport as a whole.
Let the convoluted system take care of it self and let's move on to turning buoy's, jumping big and Illegal front Flip's!  
Bob Starke
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Get in all those fake front flips as soon as you can, because they become ILLEGAL again starting Januay 1, 2017 in both AWSA and IWWF.
Sam Andrew
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So what is the status of the investigation into swerving at Lil Mtn?  Results?  Conclusions?  Did it just go away?
Jeb Bush
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Nothing goes away, ask the Clintons, influence buys everything, including silence, the Big Dawgs rule. On another note watch the slalom courses from here on out
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This sport is such a joke. So what, a few buoys might have been gained? It's probably not the case, but if it is...who cares? Run halfway down 43' and let's talk.
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we had a vote, and all agreed you were a prick. 

There was no investigation, and no one did anything more amazing than they hadn't done before other than Manon.  She finally ran 39 after running 5 the last 2 years. Congrats to Manon for a PB! You go girl!

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So nobody did anything major that they hadn't done before. Musta been fixed to do that? - It's not like a Dr. Jim thing.
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Manon Costard arrived in Italy this weekend to the news that Air France had mislaid her ski bag. No ski, gloves, handle or any of the things that are necessary to compete in a top level pro event such as the San Gervasio Pro Am. Despite her hopes that the airline would get their act together and deliver her kit she had to plan to ski with anything she could find. She set about getting ready for a tough tournament on unfamiliar gear.

On the first day she qualified for the head to head finals as second seed by riding the ski of her MC team mate and competitor, Claire Lise Welter, as well as one belonging to an amateur skier in the event to two scores at 39off/ 10.75m. On finals day Manon went through two rounds of the head to head to make the Super Final bracket against France Team mate, Clem Lucine, again with two scores at 39off on a borrowed ski. Going out second she was set the score of 2 @ 39off to beat. She didn't just get a piece of 3 to get the win, she ran the whole pass, the third time she has done so in tournament. This was the first time a female skier had ever run 39off in Europe. She may have lost her ski but she found outstanding form just when it mattered.

iT SEEMS LIKE SHE'S ROCKING AND ROLLING! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!! Lil Mtn Record gave her the confidence she can now do it anywhere.

Way to go
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Congrats to Manon. Glad she ran it somewhere else. The record in little mountain was not going to be approved. Good on her!!!
Wanna Be Dawg
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Lt Mountain is open for business this weekend as stop three on the Big Dawg Tour pulls into town. It will be interesting to see how the boys get er done.
Liquid D
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I predict  the top 8 will all be 2@41 or better...combined rounds will take an average of at least 4.25@39.
Will Clay Neill be steppin out?!!!! Back in Action...? 
Jack Clark
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Looks like the scores at Lil Mountain were not up to expectations.  Maybe that had something to do with the driving?  The driver currently being investigated did not have the opportunity to swerve over the weekend.  Wisely, Correct Craft and the boys brought in Chris Eller instead.  Excellent driver with a stellar reputation.
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