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I was thinking, it could be possible to make PP work like ZO by hand "nudging" the throttle, as he skier is into the pull. 

So I tried it today and it works. I had to get the throttle down, most likely nearer to the end of the servo travel. 

Basically you are looking to add ~ 150-250 RPM as the skier completes the pull, later is better than sooner. So you nudge the throttle ahead, get the boost then bring it back so PP doesn't have to... say over-correct.

I might shoot a video on it. You want to manually take the place of the accelerometer function of ZO (with is what we do with iSki/Force sensing).

Go by sound of the engine as well.  
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Simply adding a ZBox word really well for me. 
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If you were a really good hand driver, you could perfectly emulate C2.
FM iSki
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The videos & I should say audio of the Z-box were quite odd, response wise.
I don't know what equation or where it was inserted in the loop but it made no sense to me.

The response of ZO is very predictable and it should be, because skiing is rhythmic and predictable.  It follows a pretty smooth sine wave.

Unless it has changed dramatically, Z box was some sort of crazy Z wave. I just can't see accomplished skiers being happy with it.

Simply put: 
Accelerometers apply throttle in ZO
Rope Force sensor (not a switch) applies throttle in iSki
A good driver could manually apply throttle in standard PP, acting as one of the above.  

@LPskier - Last night I was pulling a skier and tried the manual throttle, but switched back to the iSki box as it did a better job of it than me! But in lieu of that I would boost the skier manually. 
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