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Mapple skier
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Awful quiet abou the T3, anyone on this ski?
Who sells them anyway?
in the know..kindof
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KLP is the one who was working on it with Andy, and has it finished....I think it will be out very soon! I will definitely be giving one a try- almost pulled the trigger on the last one. 
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Contact KLP to try a ski. Two were tried yesterday, and two were sold. The ski seems to work well for a wide variety of skiers. Looks great too! I think the ski will be a hit.

Nice to have activity here at SkiFly.
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if someone who bought the ski would chime in.
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i'll be testing one in the next couple weeks
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make sure you report back!
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rode a 67, too big for me although, accelerates quite well and has a lot of rocker..have to wait for a 66..hopefully next the meantime, back on my T1 this week.
scot ellis
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I just rode a T3 and it was great.   Easy to ride, fast and took me 2 buoys from my PB at the first tournament.  
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Roy Rodgers seems to be skiing pretty well on it. 
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