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As usual didn't disappoint.

I didn't see all of it but some plays of the weekend:

- Dodd balking his third attempt, down just a few feet, in the finals. That was clinical
- Nattie gathering it up for yet another two podiums 
- Ace and Danylo respond to the Pickos machine
- Manon after what 4 weeks on Connelly? OMG
- Mens slalom? D3 sure had a heck of a run in all events. Both Junior - Sean Hunter and Nate. I think it takes a deeper riding ski, maybe a little extra width, little extra on the tip to ride them rollers. 

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I enjoyed the Masters. I did however, laugh that Correct Craft treats the Big Dawgs like some bothersome bs that they have to throw in to make a few skiers happy.  Absolutely no coverage, not even a mention on website. It's stupid. Either remove it, or act like you give a shiat.  Trust me , the audience that tunes in to the Masters is well aware of the distinction between pros and the seniors. 
You're (CC) the ones who crammed Pros into the Big Dawg, you might as well own up to it.
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Yeah lets see them big dawgs back at Moomba while we are on the subject.
Big dawg
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I don’t think it’s the format for the big dawgs. It’s a prestigious pro event. Again why do we invite the big dawgs when you have to move down to the 10 and 13th from the finals. If they can’t even get the top four why bother. Tate and Shaw were not even much of a warm up Should have narrowed it down to Badal and Rogers to start. Leave the masters for the pros
no Big Dawg at Masters
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Big Dawg takes away from the prestige of the Masters.  The skiers don't care about it enough to even show up.  Badal and Rodgers are great skiers, but when they had to go down to Tate and Shaw, what a joke.  Should have cut it down to 2 for exhibition. Why should we have to watch the seniors go out and run less than the girls?  Tate and Shaw can barely beat the Jr. Girls.    Time to eliminate the Big Dawgs in favor of more Juniors or pros.  Make some room on Sat and Sun for Jr. Finals.  
man oh man
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A little harsh maybe? Although they might not have skied great, those 2 have run enough 39's to not hear that crap from you. It takes less than 30 minutes total time, and it advertises to the public that skiing isn't just for under 30 somethings. It's kind of important to keep the dollars rolling. It's very simple, and could be done so much better with so little effort. I also find it stupid to just not cover it.  
@man oh man
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The Masters is an event to showcase the best open water skiers in the world at a prestigious event. The event focuses on professionals and juniors who have to qualify for the event invitation. The qualification from the big dawg are the top 4 from the finals. To move down to #10 and #13 is less than deserving to be there. So even if we agree the big dawg should be there. It should not be comprised of just those left on the list willing to show up. No matter how many 39s they have run. Tate and Shaw did not meet the qualifications set forth to attend. And they were unworthy pairings for Rodgers and Badal. So why does that deserve coverage. They got beat by most if the juniors and nearly all of the women at the same speed. Not to mention one of the big dawg competitors has a history of ongoing harassment to several of the Nautique athletes who where skiing in the event.
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what were their scores?
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whatchutalkinboutwillis?! Are you throwing somebody under the bus with inuendo? Daaaaaammmn....
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"Not to mention one of the big dawg competitors has a history of ongoing harassment to several of the Nautique athletes who where skiing in the event."

Finally some drama. Do tell. 
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Not a big fan of the Big Dawg inclusion at the Masters but the biggest waste of time and $ is wakeskate.  What a joke.  Quickest way to empty the pavilion is to announce wakeskate is next. 

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Yeah I missed that Brooke ran a good chunk of 39 before getting gates pulled.
Add to the drama list...Yikes!

I did see Badal and Rodgers, didn't think it was too off the mark. That is from the webcast tho. Maybe make 'em wear clown suits, then try to start a fist fight w/the juniors on the dock?

Dez Burke: "No Jeff No - for C@&$@ sake do not take the ramp on your slalom ski!!!"

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Nautique "owns" the BD, it's not as though someone made them have the event. I just don't understand why anyone cares about badal, or any of the others for that matter. The whole "elite" thing is out of hand. 50 yr olds on rounds are not elite. 36 mph is elite. Nate, Freddie...athletes
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Big Dawg is a good event and series.  Good for the sport, but it doesn't belong at the Masters if the BD skiers don't think it's important enough to support it.  Badal and Rogers are very good and fun to watch and good on them for supporting the Masters, but when you have to go so far down the list to get 2 more competitors, it's just not right.  Tate couldn't run 38 at the 1st BD of the season in West Palm.  If you can't run it at WP and make it in the top 16, you don't belong at the Masters.  Nothing against the Big Dawg series, just the selection process.  If the next few skiers on the list aren't going to jump at the chance to come, then maybe it's a sign that the skiers aren't interested in having it at the Masters.  If the skiers aren't going to support it, then add more juniors or pros.  

Get off my Lawn!
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Get over the wakeskate, every year, it's not going to change, you're only continuing to uphold elite skier prejudices.
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Just ask anyone on Lake Roper about harassment on the lake. Not hard to get an answer
City Slicker
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Boys there always things going on at the fire hall, you just gotta  know what rescue driver to ask, and if there use to toten a 40 cal, then you got a good place to start, thu roper ski pond has all sorts of big shots thinkin they own the slalom course as well as the local pond, out here where I come from, tryin to stop me from skiin would have resulted in a country boy ass whippin, then we would have moved on.Way back when, I use to tell Tonto a cowboy's gotta do what he's gotta do, and that's regardless of the females involved.
Are you kidding me??
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Badal supporting the Masters???
Try the Masters supporting old-guy-chick-speed series
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The knife cuts both ways; by including it (sure doesn't take much time), they include the biggest audience of boat buyers there is. Just a fact, and a good marketing move. 
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