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The Clown
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26th 11:30 am - EST are they streaming juniors? is offline right now 
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Watching it live on Saturday AM.  Excellent video quality.
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always getting the "not started yet" or "not currently streaming" message ... oh well I have given up on watching the masters AGAIN this year ...

and this is supposed to be the most prestigious event in the waterskiing world ! LOL ... what a state for the sport ... I am laughing so hard !!!

cent fl
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You need to check your computer for updates/ works perfect on desktop or laptop for me...haven't tried on the ipad...but i think your system's got a prob.
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wakeskate is the biggest waste of time. When you have wakeboarding and trick skiing, why is wakeskate there? Put some barefooting in for something that might interest the crowd. The people in the water aren't even looking at wakeskate.
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nothing to do with my setup just some people working in IT at webcast TV should realize that not every one in this world gets FTTH , and instead of just adjusting the quality to the users bandwidth you're just screwed if your connection is not fast enough ... 

Facebook and Youtube got it figured out ... duh ...
formerly pathetic
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I don't have FTTH & webcast working fine. Refer back to cent fl.
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If you look at the top of the video window I had an M3U8 Error "Crossdomain access denied"

This was on Friday, with even the Archived videos. With IE I was able to fix that using the setting below.  Today (Saturday) I had no trouble on both my desktop and tablet using Chrome. So something may be fixed there.  Good luck viewers and skiers!

Cross Domain errors are usually caused by a firewall blocking your access. In IE you can try: Go to "Internet Options" > "Secuirty" > "Internet" > choose "Custom Level" and scroll down to "Miscellaneous". One of the options should be "Access data sources across domain" - set this to "Enable".

If it is already enabled then it is likely that there is a firewall blocking you.

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well I eventually found a great workaround ! 

here is what I did ...

I closed the window in chrome and opened a new browser window ...

then I typed the following url : and was instantly able to watch perfect quality live wakeboard feed from the event in Montpellier ... followed by BMX and Skateboarding ...

screw waterskiing ! you shouldn't need a degree in computer science to watch an event ... if the sport can't figure it out ... well too sad its dying ...

Hey Pathetic
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Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. 
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Mine worked fine every time I booted it up.  Awesome skiing. Was impressed with the quality of the broadcast.  Maybe the best I remember seeing. Announcing......meh. JMHO
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I love the "screw you" attitude when someone dares to criticize the waterski broadcasts ... goes very well with the "get out of my private site" and "have you seen my fin setting" attitude of the ballers ...

it just simply didn't work for me and yes it got me frustrated , I guess it kept other waterski enthousiasts away from watching the event , so if your response is "too bad for you" and "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out" well it just confirms what a bunch of obnoxious bastards you guys are with your dying little sport ...

I watch a lot of other live events on the internet thru Redbull TV and Fise to name a few and have never experienced a glitch ...

is a facebook live or youtube live so hard to organize ?

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Maybe you misinterpreted my post. 

It simply states that mine worked well...implying nothing other than yours may have been a local problem.
And that I thought the broadcast quality was very good.
And that the announcers weren't MY favorites. And that was MY opinion.

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Pathetic, you said screw waterskiing, because you couldn't get something to work, that most others could.  It was a great webcast, bummer you couldn't get it to work, I watched it on my phone the entire weekend, no internet needed.

The PWT use of Facebook live was disastrous, so yea, I guess it is tough.  You're obviously just not a fan of waterskiing and stuck in a decade ago where wakeboarders are supposed to hate waterskiers, so like was said, pick up your board, and go wait in that cable park line.
no trick finals
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wasn't there a trick finals ? if its not in the replay it means it never really happened ?
The Clown
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