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please help me build the MC Pro Star best trick wake , please recommend line length and boat speed, I'm about 160lbs ,

also, can I legally add 110 lbs to the boat for tricks in a tourney? 

I know understand the small gas tank........


thanks, and please no " don't trick" crap
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most tourneys have weights in boat to level out boat, but your release puller  may bring a bag of equipment.  No rule says that bag can't weigh 110 lbs. He/she can place it anywhere there is room. I would suggest the soft bags filled with BB's.
Dave Robbins
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The rule is that there is to be a tourney supplied weight x to 110 lbs.   whatever....   THERE IS NO RULE THAT SAYS THAT THE SKIER CANNOT BRING THEIR OWN 400 LBS.

But I haven't pushed that either

I'm told many "pros" bring their own weights, though in my time as boat judge, never seen it
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This is from the IWWF tournament rule book 2015. It's at the end of rule 15.11:

The skier may place a tournament supplied weight of between 20 - 50 kg in the boat on the floor side to side by the feet of the pin man or behind the engine cover.
If a manufacturer can supply something to enhance the wake and it is the same for all skiers then it can be allowed.
In the case of a ballast tank, Team Managers will need to know in advance which boat, with or without ballast is going to be used. The ballast tank must be either half full, full or empty. It may only be set to half full if there is a gauge or indicator to verify this. The use of this technology must be announced in advance. Some events may be run with ballast and others without.

I read the first sentence so that you may use only a tournament supplied weight but not any weight.
The second sentence refers to a Hydrogate or similar contraption.
The third sentence now is another weight option in the form of a ballast tank. If available the officials can decide to use it full, half full or empty and will need to let the team managers know in advance.

I don't know how this IWWF rule is reflected in the ASWA rules. In the European rules there is no change to this point.
Dave Robbins
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I disagree
The first sentence in my opinion does not state that a skier may not supply his own weights.

"may place a weight..."
not "may only place a tournament supplied weight of..."

my 2 cents worth
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I want my ballast tank full - beer
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When shortening the sentence like Dave did one could read into it.that any weight would be allowed.

But the rule does not say "may place a weight ..". It says "may place a tournament supplied weight ...",

In the end only the ruling of an official will teach us how this should be read. Until then we can do whatever we think is right.
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