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slalom guy
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who is this guy? He keeps facebooking me that he is doing a slalom clinic, I looked him up seem he was some average  college skier. 
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but he might be a great driver!  Those are hard to come by! It looks like 80 bucks for 3 rounds with a BBQ. I think it sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask me! If you're better than him, he could probably use the know, with all those college girls he's been inviting. 
Guy In the Water
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He runs a weekend clinic at this lake in Washington. The site is called Koreis. The lake is extremely well protected and is an absolute treasure chest of a ski site. You should go out there and check it out! 
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You can't just communicate with him and have to anonymously post asking who he is on a public forum?  Wonder how average you are?  People trying to do anything for the sport are more than average, regardless of their skill level.  Get a grip, and then maybe take a rip.
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Holy crap?!  I just pulled it up 
that place is sweeeet!  and it looks like it's for sale....
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