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The Clown
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Steve B.
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Thanks Brent. Surprised I haven't seen links to Moomba related sites, or links to a webcast till now.

Steve B.
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Anybody else enjoy the moomba commercial webcast?
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These ads they are running in between every skier action is ruining the show.

I wanted to share the link to my friends but its such an embarrassment production.  The only people that will watch this production are diehards like us. 

A pathetic production as per usual.

The Stream just cut to more ads and we missed the most of the last skier.

Why is it so difficult to get someone that knows how to produce these things?  

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These ads, its like a tv commercial ever 16.5 seconds....very annoying...
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Was just watching Jason McClintock's opening pass and got switched to more ads.

So Pathetic!!!!!!!
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I'm glad I am not the only one that noticed. Deffo will never buy any of the crap products advertised now.

Anybody else seen that they have 76k viewers in total but at no time there are more than 500 people watching. How does that work out?
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I'm glad I'm not the only one disgusted.  

I can't blame the products being advertised, but who ever is responsible for the Ustream production is clueless.

You know it sounds like we're bitching, but we are passionate about this sport and I would love for it to be more successful.  I just can't see it getting more popular with crap productions like this.

The ads just ruin the production...

Liquid D
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gotta say...I think they cleaned it up a bit. They are still running the commercials, But they now have it down. They are going right back into skiing when the runs begin. I'm cool with thtat...since we're not missing any of the skiing. 
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I wonder why Regina never goes to Moomba?

I suppose it because of her work as a Pharmacist?

Get a life
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you're complaining about a free web cast that you're able to watch from across the world, and claiming to not support the companies that are supporting the webcast, and providing it for you to watch.  I look forward to you fully funding a better webcast that can be viewed so easily.  Open another window and listen for the skiing to come back on....   

Thank you to Moomba and the sponsors for allowing me to watch a web cast I otherwise would not be able to view, and would be stuck seeing the results.
Moomba Webcast
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Wow those course record's in Men's and Women's jump was good to watch!!!!
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Thank you to all that were involved in putting together the Moomba webcast ,much appreciated !!!
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