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so cool that no one in the US seems to give a sh€&@t about patent infringement on the use of the silvretra system for waterski bindings ...
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Why not? Every binding that rotates, including Reflex, infringes on Fogman's patent.
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These are opinions here. 

A patent only allows the holder a semi-reasonable attempt at making a claim on another party if he/she believes there was infringement. 

The final phase would be in court where both sides would argue the case.

The cost to get to that stage is big - $500K-$1M total for both sides.

Therefore I would NOT advise anyone to patent squat unless they were willing to front those kinds of sums in defense of the patent. AND YOU MAY LOSE THE CASE TOO!

You can't patent use of common parts or materials. You'd be hard pressed to win a case on rotating a binding too. How you rotate the binding maybe. But you'd be bonkers to try that sort of case. 

To bully about patents is for marketing, protectionism, intimidation, and even extortion if you try to extract funds. ie using threats to cause others to buck up.

Also kills innovation.  So patent bullies are just the kind of people one would aspire to be [tongue]

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