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Will Roberts broke the Boys 2 National Jump Record twice yesterday.   1st round 143 (farther in meters), 2nd round 144.
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This can also be thought as the 5' 28mph record.  Wayne Grimditch, at the 1972 Nationals,
went 134' when winning the Boys event.  At that time, the jumping specification for Boys
was 5' 28mph.  Although the Boys speed may have gone up shortly afterward.  And, in
Boys, a skier may have gone longer at 28mph after Wayne.  Of course, Boys became
Boys3, and there were changes.  Now the B3 event has 5 1/2' option, 31.7 mph (51kph),
fast 2nd segment times, long-long skis and super-powered boats.

It was not until 2011 until the 5'/28 distance was exceeded by Taylor Garcia, eventually
getting the 'record' up to 143'.  Taylor's distance looked like it could stand for a long while,
so congratulations to Will.

Some slightly off-topic trivia:

After the introduction of the double-cut, what is the closest that the Boys (now Boys3) has
been in distance to the Open Mens record?  Noting that the Mens specifications are nearly
unchanged (6 ft/ 35 mph), while the Boys have been able to go faster and use the 5 1/2.
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Interesting history.  How old was Grimditch when he went 134?  When Zack was in Boys 2, the top age was 12.  He won 3 National titles in a row and (I thought) held the Boys 2 record with a 127 until Taylor bested it by 16 feet.  With today's age 13 cut-off (effective 2005, I believe), who knows how far Zack would have gone with one more year?  Plus, he most certainly would have won his fourth title in a row.  Will won at ages 11 & 12 and has a chance to tie Zack's lone three-peat in this event.  At age 11, Will went 113 while Zack went 117.  At age 12, Will bested Zack's 127 with a 131.  Will only gets 9 chances to push it our further at this speed.  Jump safe, Will.
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In 1972, it would have been Wayne's last year in Boys, as 1968 was his last year in Jr.
Boys.  Where he raised the record over 100' at 5' 26 mph.

Although Wayne was the 1969 World Jump Champion, Open didn't exist until 1973, so he
had to ski in Boys!  Until 1973, when Open started.
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I googled Wayne's birth date.  WIKI has it as 1955.  So he won Worlds at age 14!! Amazing.  That made him 17 when he went 134.  Truly remarkable on short skis.  Wonder what he's doing now?
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1969 was Wayne's first year out of Jr. Boys.  He was given a special invitation to enter the
Masters, which at the time was the ticket to the Team Trials, held on the same site post-

At the Worlds, he won jumping.  I don't think that it was a great site or a good ramp, but
Wayne had explosive spring, meaning that with the same speed into the ramp, he would
out-jump others.

Billy Spencer is another special case of the first year out of Junior Boys, when he won
the Worlds en France.  SL, TR, and OA.  Was a short-term flash in the pan.  I saw him
sweep all 3 events in Boys at the 1964 Nationals.  After 1964, I think that he was gone.
Maybe other interests, or just total burnout.
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Congrats Will!
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Congrats Will !!! Thats a beast of a jump!!! look forward to seeing you chase down that Boys3 record, or that collegiate record [smile] 

In reply to DJ... I had the record up to 125 (5/18//2003), skiing as a 11 year old (I had just turned 12; DOB 04/12/91) and then moved it up to 131 (10/5/2003) when I was skiing as a 12 year old.  My last year in B2 I did a lot of skiing at 32mph ... Faster = More Fun! haha

Again, Congrats Will ... Glad to see the Jr. breaking records and continuing to push the sport! Looking forward to watching to boost one at nationals this year! 

Former B2 record holder [frown] hahaha
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In reply to EB's trivia questions, I'm guessing it was Sammy.  The margin between his Boys jumping distances and the World record in the 70s (180'?) was probably considerably less than todays 250 vs. 190s.  Just a guess.

Zack,  sorry for selling your jumping short -- didn't mean to.  The only reliable source I could find was your National's performance.  Rankings lists only go back to 2005.  Thanks for getting it corrected.
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Wayne is a strength and conditioning coach in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Don't forget that Wayne won an Olympic Gold Medal in the '72 Games in Munich ( water skiing was in Keiv, I think), when water skiing was a demonstration sport.
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Water skiing during the '72 Olympics was held near Kiel, a German city on the coast of the Baltic Sea.
Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.
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I knew Keiv didn't sound quite right. Thanks for the correction.
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