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I had this real simple binding on my trick for years, that didn't look like much but sure was simple and skied great.

So we wanted to make that single-boot format into a product to replace what the Silvretta does for single boots.(I don't like the look or having that big Silvretta piece on my sk, for myself). 

Anyway back in the shop we sketched and fabbed and boom, I was skiing this new binding and it blew me away. So light, easy in/out and releases with adjustable tension.

With recent ankle injuries (Nate & Freddie) it's an epidemic so hoping this design will save many more. [CooRHNEVYAAHrWK] 
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Please provide more details on the release. I have never trusted the idea of a horseshoe toe piece found on some other bindings, having come from alpine background. Why are you using a strap of some kind?
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Looks to be a little "Cheeky"
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Looks a good bit like the snow ski bindings from 60 years back.
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It's a distilled down version of a rubber boot in that there is the toe clamp (which we've had for years) and the new "Sub-Z"  heel clamp.  A good toe connect is really important for ski control. 

The heel clamp has a buckle strap with a rubber "dowel" that provides >+V pressure but can also release. This is similar to your heel in a rubber heel piece. 

There is a 2" webbing strap at the back, that is the 3rd point of attachment.

When the boot needs to release, the 2" web strap tension effectively pulls the dowel off the ledge and the boot heels comes out.  You use the adjustable buckle strap to set how tight you want it, just like an overlay in a rubber boot. Very simple, made in-house and super light compared to a Silvretta heel (404, 400, 500, 750 etc).

The problem with a Silvretta heel piece is that it is a stiffly sprung with a  hair-trigger. There is less than ~.20" on whether you are in /or done for. Because it was designed for a telemark ski, it doesn't handle side to side forces very well.

We designed our boots to work around that, by using a stout boot, sole plate, or the wake block. The release is still heavy and can snap back etc.

This new Sub-Z there is nothing to hit your back leg, shin or foot.
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Can you provide some video of dry land release?

Anything new is intriguing and scary at the same time
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PS: Although not in the can pull on the ski tip and the boot will release.
Mo Video
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Got a chance to shoot some of the features of the new system.

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it appears as though that came off real too easy. 
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@ Mike - this is my binding and I am using a thin heel ledge. It can be set several clicks higher and release resistance goes up nicely.  

We are shipping stock with a 1/4" ledge and that gives a reasonable range for most adults. 

It's a very stable system so you can run with an easier clamp-in and not worry about pre-release.  Think of a simple wrap binding, blended with hardshell performance.
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