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As a skier I've always tended to view tricks as a challenge, series of moves, seconds and points. 

But now I see the fitness benefits of it. I trick ski as much or more than I slalom. It's rehab and strength training. Posture and spine mobility. Balance, core, co-ordination and if you want speed or fast twitch.

It really compliments other sports - and it's like an on-water TRX on steroids.

The fittest of fittest. So why not approach the event as a fitness gig?   

EG: There is being in shape, and there is trick-in'-shape.
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Very true. I started tricking again this year after a 10 year layoff. I was in snow ski shape & cycling shape but trick ski shape is something else again. It's coming slowly.
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Yep the first couple of sets it was pretty rough for me. 

But..kept at it. Had two sets today. I can't seem to do the reverse 1/2 wrap back anymore. 

H-H wake O's, back to backs, the basic stuff is all good.

I would like to get some toes going too just to stretch out that back slalom leg/hip.
Haven't tried any line tricks and would like to learn some of the ski lines.

I could never land a flip, too old to try now.  

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hey trxs. Keep at the rev 1/2 wrap. It took me about a month of stretching & water time to get it. Now I'm landing WBB to reverse outside right wake. (left foot forward).
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