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So let's get this straight? The Tangerine Turd said he would release the captured children back to their parents if we give him $25 billion dollars for a wall that he said Mexico was going to pay for, yet it all the Democrats fault?

Only the sane know a wall is virtually impossible. Land disputes would take decades in the courts, there are physical barriers to the wall, yet the trumpanzee's continue to be the dumbest of the dumb. What a joke of a party, what a joke of leader...just a sad, sad joke 

How ya'll doing with that extra $1.50 in your paychecks given to you by a deficit spending tax cut to the 1%? Helping out with those higher gas prices? Welcome to trillion dollar deficits being the norm you low IQ voting knuckle dragging deplorables.

If Obama started a trade war with China and our allies, you deplorables would be shooting neighborhood pets with your AR-15's...Hypocrite much?

Oh and no Russian collusion? lol! I have ocean front property in Kentucky for you cheap if you're interested..No Russian collusion... kind of like there was no payment to a porn star.... ? 
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Oh I can't believe I am replying to the troll...BUT.... You're an idiot. Former Presidents did the same dang thing. We simply can't just let every person who shows up with a kid into this country. We have laws. You can't just come here and yell asylum. 

Whatever kind of wall we end up won't matter if they show up with some kids right?

The extra "pocket change" you refer to on taxes,  allows this business owner to hire another employee...which I've already done.

As for your trade war, it's called negotiations. He's not just giving away the farm like the past few administrations have done. China doesn't want any trade war with us! They own all of our debt, moron. They will find a way to save face, even the game as far as their population sees, and we'll move on. In business, there does not have to be a win/lose all situation. It will work fine for both sides.  

Give it up on the stupid collusion crap...ain't ever going anywhere. So far all they turned up was proof positive that Dems tried to collude with Ruskies, and paid for a fake dossier on DT. ...oh, yeah, and they totally lied to and screwed Bernie Sanders. dems want to talk about that---wonder how much Bernie got paid to drop that subject?! 

I laugh every day at how much the Left hates Trump. He's crass, he's certainly no politician, he's been broke, he never thought he'd win, but too bad buttercup, the "Silent no more" part of America is keeping him. 

Oh yeah, it doesn't look like North Korea is going to blow anyone up anytime soon , either.  Democrats can't stand it! They hate him so much, they can even think straight. How dumb have these 2 sides become, never acknowledging anything good that the other side does or wants...that's why we can get much done.
Putins Bitch
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Talking about being able to pardon himself is the road to Dictatorship . I am pretty sure if a Democrat ,especially a Black or Women had tried any of the stuff Trump has done ,you'd be screaming  impeachment !
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Trump signed an executive order to not separate children from their parents. The situation has been going on for a while, it was signed into law under Clinton. It’s only getting publicity bc the snowflakes are mad at Trump.

Idk what your income level is, nor do I give a shit, but my check went up wayyyy more than $1.50. If your check is only $1.50 more a week, you need to go back and get your GED. My 401K is doing great, my stocks are as high as they’ve ever been, my son who just graduated college got a job in 3 weeks, we aren’t going to war with NK, oh and we don’t have the anti christ herself or a deranged socialist in office. We’re doing pretty damn good.

Get ready for 4 more years
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Did the Clintons ever deal with foreign governments ?  Naaaaah. The Clinton Foundation's money comes from small donations from a lot of regular people.... surely all americans.

Did Barak ever deal with them ?   Naaaaah.    He never negotiated,  just bowed and gave them whatever they wanted.   Leading us up to our current world standing...

I'm not the biggest Trump fan...He's an arrogant, skirt-chasing new York bully.  But he's tough and maybe what we need now.  We certainly couldn't have stood 4 more years of HC.  Go away and count your money....  
Trump Train
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He’s a lib... would bet my own paycheck it’s not his money he’s counting
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DT didn't say anything about Pardoning himself.  Rudy was asked a stupid question from George Stephacraticus....he asked if the President has the power to pardon himself. 

Wait 'til George vacations outside the comrades will take care of them.
DT tweeted
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As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong? In the meantime, the never ending Witch Hunt, led by 13 very Angry and Conflicted Democrats (& others) continues into the mid-terms!"

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You’re getting mad at something he hasn’t done... All of you libs need to stop, or leave the country. Simple.
Bad tax cuts !!!
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The Hawk
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Deficit will be fine once we stop allowing tons of illegals in, paying for their food, education, healthcare, welfare, increased governing costs, etc.....

ps: stop taking NBC CBS ABC CNBC....Fox gets a little crazy the other way....

maybe look:
The Real News

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Originally Posted by The Hawk
Deficit will be fine once we stop allowing tons of illegals in, paying for their food, education, healthcare, welfare, increased governing costs, etc.....

ps: stop taking NBC CBS ABC CNBC....Fox gets a little crazy the other way....

maybe look:
The Real News

Illegals pay their own way, by and large.  pay sales tax as well.  how is an illegal getting medicare or welfare??? food?


until people can have honest discussions and rid themselves of the excessive tribalism and extreme nationalism, the country will continue down the toilet

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Really? Illegals pay for their healthcare when they walk into a hospital? You're nuts! We all pay for them! Guess what ...they can have their kids covered under county health plans all over the US. They can get welfare, food, etc, housing subsidies, even workers comp.  
Do you really think that we can afford all those that want to just show up?  How about we take a break on the illegals until we get our own house in order? 
We accept about 1 million people per year , LEGALLY, through our system.  Why should anyone bother to do it legally? Let 'em all in...heck, why even ask the questions...

They are a drain on society. What we should be doing is trying to help their countries, so people are running from them....and I know that we are in some cases. 

It would be so nice to just let everyone in that wants to come; however, in the long run, it's just a redistribution of wealth. The folks footing the bill became tired of it. 
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The fact is that the Democratic Party has lost their base from the Unions that they use to rely on. They let factory's and jobs go overseas under Obama with strict regulations and high taxes. Trump has gotten rid of those regulations and lowered the taxes, so now jobs and manufacturing are coming back at a record pace. GDP growth now to top 4 perfect, lowest unemployment in 42 years, lowest unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics EVER !!!

So the Democratic Party has gone so far left it is embracing Socialism, that has never worked in one country EVER !!! But it sounds good to tell everyone that they are ENTITLED, and everything is FREE!!
The question is, when does Socialism Fail?? When they run out of other peoples money.

Now the Dems are betting the farm that they can take over the House and the Senate in the Nov. Midterms. Their plan is to do away with ICE, have Open Borders, let'em all come in, Grant Amnesty, and have 13 million new Democratic Voters, allowing them to remain in power forever.

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You have to be a complete moron if you still support this most corrupt GOP lead government in history. This country clearly faces an epidemic of stupid.
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Speaking of stupid... it seems the watersport industry is filled with stupid, extremely ignorant people.  When I got into this sport years ago, I was floored to see how many stupid republicans in this sport? So disheartening...

Guess what... You don't get your own opinion unless we're talking about paint colors for painting a room. If we're talking about government policies, then we can use facts and statistics to determine the truth and there is only one truth... 

Right now, everyone seems to think they can have an opinion! NO YOU CAN'T! When it  comes to tRump, shove your opinion up you butt! tRump is the most corrupt administration in history? Are you too stupid to accept that?

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You just gotta love it when republicons want to talk about fiscal responsibility LOL! DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB!

You just gotta love it when grow a$$ adults believe in a magic sky daddy.. DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB

You just gotta love it when the GOP say Obama divided the country and tRump didn't... DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB..

If the Dems tried to steal a supreme court nomination the republicons would be bleeding out their eye balls with fiery! Hypocrit much you low IQ, walking, talking idiots?

..but..but..but.. here emails right?....

If Obama tried to enact trade wars, the gop would be shooting their AR-15 into the air and rioting..

It is mind boggling how incompetent, how unethical, how corrupt and just how dumb the modern day GOP is.  Yeah, the party of family values... LOL!!!
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So, I guess your summer break is going well. You seem a bit stressed.  Try less Red Bull, remember that your liberal Professors don't know everything, and enjoy the next 6 years. 

ps: Presidents appoint the Supreme Court...what don't you understand about that fact? 
HIllary lied, stole the nom from Bernie, and will never be president. simple , right? 
It's called trade negotiations. We are the most important economy in the world. Not China. We know it, and so do they. Obama did not know this fact. 
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Pres Obama was too busy dropping his soap in front of the world to know much about anything.  The Don is a much better negotiator.
just wait
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@OMAGA.  I have a feeling that once your mom and dad quit paying your bills and you're out in the real world that you'll feel differently...........
Hereford Beef
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Forget the protests, we'd swap for him.
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Trade. Ok. We'll let Russia keep their operative trump. And we get Boris & Natasha.
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Our president has committed treason on live TV.  Can anybody really defend him taking Putin's side over the United State's Intelligence?
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That is such FAKE NEWS !!! He corrected that statement and has been harder on Putin than Obama ever was. Not to long a go killed over 200 Russian Solders in Syria. Closed the Russian embassy in Washington, and threw 60 diplomats out. All Obama did was suck up to Putin while he invaded other Countries, shot down Airliners, and gives over 150 billion in cash to Iran, the greatest terrorist supporter in the world.
All the Dems and Libs now can do is cry Impeach, Resist, and Russia-Russia-Russia.
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Agree with that. The Liberal News Media has just become an extension of the Democratic Wing. CNN now has lower ratings than the Cartoon Channel, 13% vs. 18%, yet they keep spewing the same We Hate Trump rhetoric over and over. They Dems. have NO Policy agenda but Hate Trump and Resist everything he tries to do. We now have the best economy ever, ISIS is defeated, energy independence, lowest unemployment, stock market through the roof, peace with North Korea, lowest tax rates since Regan, NATO paying their bills, etc.etc. etc. Yet you will never hear that on CNN or NBC or MSNBC. No all they scream is Russia, Russia, Russia. What a Joke !!!
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Did you really just say he corrected his statement? BAHWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Man you are one complete moron! You low IQ, mouth breathing fool! You are what is wrong with America! YOU are the weakest link!

Just unreal....."He corrected his statement....." He added a "wouldn't" instead of a "would"

YOU brain dead schmuck....he talked 40 mins about how Russia didn't meddle....then you say he changed "would" to "wouldn't" - Your mother should have swallowed you! This is the text book definition of stupid and what floors me, the watersports industry seems to be full of these braindeads. It just floors me. I would have thought with all the money floating around the watersports industry we would see more educated people, more people who care about the truth... but nope! Ignorance is running a muck!

MAGA - My Attorny Got Arrested....

Turd and his family are going down, its only a matter of time. Don Jr. will be going to jail...Jared should be in jail. 
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So much for the tolerant LEFT. Your Mama must have dropped you on your head as a baby to think the way you do. It must feel pretty bad to be in the minority. Please get back on your meds !!!

I hate to tell you but all the skiers I know are Trump supporters. There is no one I know that wanted Hillary, unless you wanted Higher Taxes, Higher Cost Health Care, Higher Gas prices, and a continuation of the most corrupt administration EVER !!!!

PS: Don't forget Obama's waterway act that would have given the EPA  control of ALL Private bodies of water including all Private Ski Lakes in the Country. Trump eliminated that immediately.

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That National Waterways Act wanted to eliminate all motorized boats using gasoline on bodies of water under 500 acres. Kiss our sport goodbye !!!!
Thank You Pres. Trump
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How did Russia meddle? By stupid facebook posts, false articles? Did they make you pull the lever for the wrong candidate? The fact is that the people who hated Hillary all voted for Trump. That's all there is to it. Russia certainly did not make me hate her. Her cheating, lying, nasty ways did. You could have put Ronald McDonald against her, and I would have voted against her. 

And you really think Trump should tell everyone how much faith he has in the FBI right now with Strock, Comey, and their cronies doing what they have done to him? Are you nuts?  He's correct in his thoughts about our intelligence agencies.  Hopefully those agencies are cleaning house, and starting over.  MAGA2020!
Democracy matters
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So it is OK for a foreign hostile to have any influence on our free and fair elections, as long as your candidate wins?  Russia had a significant impact on our past presidential election.  We already know that they hacked both the DNC and the RNC.  As you mentioned, they provided propaganda with Facebook posts and false articles.  This is a direct attack on how democracy is supposed to function.  Putin obviously wants to undermine democracy and Republicans are on board. 
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