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In Dianna
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Larry Nassar
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TABLE 2.The grooming process in sport

Targeting a potential victim

Observing which athlete is vulnerable
Finding occasions to test her out for secrecy and reliability
Checking her credentials as a susceptible person
Striking up a friendship
Being nice to her Building trust and friendship
Making her feel special
Giving gifts and rewards
Spending time together
Being consistent
Setting down basic conditions for each meeting
Beginning to bargain: ‘You have to do this because I have done that’
Developing isolation and
Refusing the child access to significant others control; building loyalty and/or demeaning any previous sources of friendship and support
Restricting access to, or reliance on, parents and carers and non-sport peers
Being inconsistent, building up hopes and joy one moment and then punishment the next to increase the child’s desperation for attention
Checking out the child’s commitment through questioning and small tests

Initiation of sexual abuse
Gradual incursion into ambiguous sexual and securing secrecy boundaries
If athlete objects, saying ‘You didn’t mind last time’ to entrap her
Invoking co-operation: ‘You owe me/it’s the least you can do’
Invoking guilt: ‘Now look what you’ve done’
Offering protection: ‘I won’t tell/it’s our little secret’
Discrediting the victim so she has no choice but to remain: ‘Others won’t understand’or ‘Nobody will believe you’
Threatening the victim: ‘If you tell anyone I’ll hurt you/tell others what you’ve done/hurt
someone you care about/drop you from the team’

(PDF) The grooming process in sport: Case.... Available from: [accessed Aug 15 2018].
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if only I had read this years ago I would have recognized the signs.... now I realize I have witnessed it firsthand.... she was manipulated into his world and then stalked, shunned and called a whore by him for dating a boy her own age... she came back to the people who really loved her for a brief time...then he reeled her back... then reprimanded her for taking his spot on team... used guilt to reel back again and now she has been isolated from those who have supported and loved her since she was very young... so sad as he will do the same again over and over...
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Took 20 years for the gymnasts
In Diana
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Please don’t kill this thread, I feel it is important information for parents of jr girls..and jr boys in or ski community.
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In Diana must be the Mother of the neighbor girl in Indiana.  People know about this and how it was covered up.
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Please help In Diana
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Sooooo, this begs the question - was Nate out for injury this spring or was he out due to the investigation?
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Sounds like short man syndrome that Kyle Tate has over his girlfriend on Lake know the one that always takes the top position.
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Make no mistake.....many were relieved to see him leave the Midwest and knew it was a matter of time
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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Sounds like short man syndrome that Kyle Tate has over his girlfriend on Lake know the one that always takes the top position.

WTF are you talking about, lol that doesn’t even make sense you idiot
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