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12610 by Alexi today at Jack's.
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6 years in between records for mens tricks ?!? not really the sign of a healthy lively sport ... 

Points increase in the men's WR since 2000 => +650 points
Points increase in the women's WR since 2000 => +2000 points 

something is not right !
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Nothing wrong. We are merely getting to the limits of human capability. There is only 40 seconds in the runs. I expect the woman's record will get closer to the men's record in the next decade, but don't think we have a lot higher to go with points.  

Slalom is on a similar path. I believe 43 can be run, but we're done after that point.

Jump, the women's record has a bit to go, but the men are done for a while.
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notice also that current women's junior events are won with higher scores than junior men's events , that is scary !!!

there should be 20 or 30 guys tricking into 12000 points right now ...
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If you watch womens floor exercise gymnastics at the Olympic level, it appears to me
that the women are better than the men.  We may see that happen in water skiing.
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Anna Gay 10,880. Open the hand pass with W7B & you've got the first lady over 11,000.
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Become a pro tricker they said earn 10k a year the reckon
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holy crap....can't believe that jump record went down!
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12610 again last weekend.
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