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Can’t believe no one is talking about Regina running 4@41 on here....
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Not to mention it was done behind the best boat out there.
go pro
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C'mon...give up the video. I know someone who was there must have it. Someone records her every time she skis.  We're so impatient in this world now..haha! 
Awesome job Regina! 
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i figured the dave goode interview video would have been out within an hour
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Supposedly there was a video of the boat path on instagram but it was oddly removed after it was noted that Chad Scott was the driver. Not sure if one has to do with the other but seems odd that it was taken down
Tech guy
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Nothing was taken Down was never on instagram. It was posted on fb and it looks like it was very straight. Hancock tourney also produced overall record by sledge. Great skiing
Central Fl
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Chad has been one of the best drivers over the last few years, and has pulled Regina probably more than any other driver.  Hancock does them right, so there will be video. If it passes, it passes...It ain't easy! I know 2 that saw the vid and think it will pass. 
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Chad pulling Regina is a giant conflict of interest. Ridiculous.
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Why?  Are they related somehow?  
@central Fl
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should have written "and has DONE Regina probably more than any other driver"
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Couldn't care any less about their relationship unless I was single. haha
Video, and timing tell us if the record is good. The video looks good to me and I've seen a lot of them. 
This is a small sport, and I know just about every driver who ever pulls me in tourneys.  Some are very close, lifelong friends of mine.  Don't you think they want me to set a PB every time i ski behind them? I know they do!  Most of these drivers are trying to give you the best pull you can have all the time.
Ed Johnson
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First of all, Chad and Regina are two of the nicest people on this Planet and have given a lot to this sport. To ski the way she skied and to drive the way Chad drives is a true ART FORM. This is the Waterski Version of Dancing with the Stars. There should be a Waterski Award for Drivers pulling a World Record. I have seen the end course video and it is flawless. I am only waiting for the 1st Woman to run 41, and I know this team, together could do that.

Congrats to both Chad and Regina for another World Record !!!!


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