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Steve B.
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Congrats to Regina ! She's the LeBron James of waterskiing. 41 is a done deal.

Steve B.
Me obvious
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If 41 were a done deal it would actually be a done deal
Not so obvious
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Incintives to break a little at a time
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Incentives are what drives these records
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and I thought it was the drive to be the best in the world. Silly me.
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Incentives pay the bills ,so they can keep striving to be the best !
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Andy always broke it 1/4 buoy at a time. Records are opportunity for these skiers to put some jingle in there pockets. The girl can run 41 for sure. It will just be done 1/4 buoy at a time.
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@Incentives you said "and I thought the drive was to be the best in the world. Silly me".  If you hold the world record doesn't that define you as the best in the world?  Increasing it one step at a time is fine until you get hurt. 
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Great job great achievement getting a piece of 4ball.  How many of the MM 34 mile per hour skiers have gotten to four ball in a record tournament?
I guess the driving must have been legit if the IWSF tournament council approved the record for all the nay sayers out there.

What an achievement!!!!
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Notching the record up a little at a time has a history. Look at Cory's kzillion trick records.
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re: congrats..

AMEN !!   What an achievement !! 

I get scared just riding behind the boat with a rope that short...much less trying to run the course.

Hope to see that full pass go down before long.
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so does anyone know does she run it in practice with good boat path, good times etc ?
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I can't speak for Regina, but I personally watched Nate run 3@43 behind Chad after day one of the Little Mountain Big Dawg last summer.
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So let me get this straight. They tag team behind the boat. He pulls her thru records, she gives him what he "wants", yet he still has a wife waiting at home. Seems to me Chad has the best of both worlds.
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dude, you need help for your obsession. Really.
RE: curious
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You sound like a really great guy to hang out with. 
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did you vote for the green party candidates ?

give it a rest, man.
Why stir it more?
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Great, now a jackwagon is adding politics to the mix, man. Tool.
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Let's skip the crap. Regina's clearly the lady to beat in women's slalom these days with Whitney nipping at her heels. The record application will be reviewed by IWSF and accepted or rejected. As far as I know her personal life won't be part of that process.
News flash
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Record has been approved and accepted. It is officially the new world record.

Next topic. Move on
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Him who is without sin among you be the first to....
You don't have any idea what go's on in anyone's life; nor is it your place to judge. I'm no bible thumper, but their sure is some good ideas in there.  

What if every encounter with another person, you went in thinking how you could make the most of the you could enjoy the person's presence/life, and share some of yours with them. All else becomes unproductive and just a waste of time. 

Congrats to her...I don't know her real well, but every time I've had a conversation with her or in a group with her, she's nothing but fun, happy, and a positive girl. Those are the kinds of people I'd like to hang with at tourneys.
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to skier:

Re: Skier
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She might be a "fun, happy girl", that doesn't give her the right to sleep with married men.
Preacher ?
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Judge when you a ready to be judged !!

This a waterski site ,not a Church group or dear Abby .
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Yep.  Wintertime on Skifly.....
Come on MAN
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No one has proof of anything other than a world record 
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I don't know & don't care about Regina's personal life because, well it's personal. She is one hell of a skier who is destined to be one of the greats of all time. But I find myself wondering if the assertion in #73 above were true, why does it rest on her shoulders. Does that imply that married men have the right to sleep with other women?
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@Fan if the answer to your question is "yes," would you please let me know?
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The requirements to be President are much lower than they are to be a female waterskier.

Grab that Pu^^Y
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So True [frown]
#1 OM Skier
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You guys are funny. Chad is the best slalom driver in the world. Not only is he the best, he personally cares for every skier out there and would do anything for them. One of the most caring guys I've ever met. Between he and Will Bush you will not find a straighter boat path.

I was there and skied as well. Matt boat judge, Jason tower judge for regina.

If you question Chad's boat path please post any records that were not passed with him driving due to boat path.

Merry Christmas! On to 2017!
@#1 OM Skier
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Apparently just because the boat path passes doesn't mean the record passes.  Just ask Monan. 
Ace of Spades
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It was a great job of driving and fantastic skiing of course, got the record done - bottom line.

A driver with less awareness or precision it is possible to one-side the path or work against the skier. It's not that complicated. 
Steve B.
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This crapola is doing wonders at growing the sport.

Steve B.
Re Ality
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I would worry about the 10 people that actually know what this is about
Records are mwant to be b
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They do nothing to grow the sport though. Skifly is the only event that might and it is left just for the guiness people now

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I think I'll slam back a dozen Guiness Stout & go flying.
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