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Sr judge
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3.5 at 41 behind the new Malibu
Liquid D
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I've skied wouldn't think they could have improved their slalom wake, but I think they have.
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Is it just me or is it far too coincidental that the record was broken at thr same time thr boat was introduced?

Was chad driving?
re: Records
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Yes, it's just you. 
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It's rigged. Trust me. It's rigged. Never before has anything been so rigged. It's yuuge.  Listen, I know more about slalom than the pro's and believe me, it's rigged. 

Ronald McDonald (see what I did there [wink] [wink]
Re: Records
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yes chad was driving
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Its weird that isn't it. Record broken at a perfect site, behind the best driver in the world, behind a new improved boat, from a skier whose been skiing very well. Something dodgey must be going on...

stunt driver
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'nuf said!

Hey why aren't we cable-skiing if we want no wakes?
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Not going to apologize for asking legit questions. Boyfriend driving, and a great story for your sponsor to use to sell their brand new boat... As all records should be scrutinized I will wait to the approval comes out to admit my questions were without warrant.
Was there
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It was not perfect by hancock standards, but thr lake skis ama zing regardless. Bit of a cross wind through hr day as is typical in Florida in the fall.
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If you knew who the boat judge was you'd know that the fix was anything but in. 
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yup great job to the boyfriend sticking it in ... I mean within tolerence

was the wife boat judging ? Awkward ....
Sr judge
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Matt Rini was the boat judge. I'm sure it was rigged.

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If that is really true. Matt was the boat judge. Then you can bet it was legit. He would not dit back and tolerate any questionable boat driving
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Exactly my point. What incentive would Matt Rini have to let something fishy happen? 

Plus, at the end of the day, the boat will be in or out of tolerance, as judged by the IWSF, so all this speculation is moot. It either will conform with world-record standards or it won't. 
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It's rigged, ya hear me rigged. NOT. Matt wouldn't tolerate it.
Frank W
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Matt would not jeopardize the integrity of the sport for anything.  He has too much invested and is too passionate about it to let something like that damage his reputation
Scot Ellis
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I was at the event and I was the other boat driver.  The conditions were good but not great and Regina busted her butt in a strong wind to get what she did.  Will Asher also ran 1@43, Marc Shaw 1@41 and Dash Krueger 1 buoy and is now on the rankings list.

It was a great event full of competent officials.  Regina broke the record by a 1/4 buoy and she will break it again next year.  She's skiing great.   Seems like you negative spectators would be use to it by now.

Done That
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Don't of the tower judges was Jason McClintock.  I think everything was legit, eh?  Pitiful that we have to go through this every damn time someone does something good in this sport.
Re: Done That
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Every. Damn. Time. 
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There used to be a saying "records are made to be broken". I guess that's changed to "records are made to be doubted".

What's the point of rigging an event anyway. The record requires IWWF approval....or does the tech committee get bought off too!

great skiing Regina!! Congrats.
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her boyfriend always seems to find ways to cheat for her
Ya Re
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That was a very convincing argument. 
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Explain in detail Re.
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From what I understand from other drivers Reggie's "boyfriend" is a hella good driver and manages to stay right down the middle all the while she is manhandling that Malibu..
Who r u kidding
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Your driver is still married yet loves the publicity he gets that makes him "famous"
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Lots of fame associated with our sport of waterskiing. Sitting in the boat for hours at an event results in tons of fame and fortune. I will take a pull from him anytime. At least you have am idea where the boat will be. Lots of haters here as usual. Can tell when winter is near
Ace of Spades
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Take the boat over to one ball (hug right gate #1)
Pick up the skier, then move over at 2 ball (hug left gate #2) and so on.

Then it's up to the panel to decide if you done too much I guess [smile]

I don't know I am not a rated driver, but that is what I see.  
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In response to the previous post:  yes, you could move the boat 8 inches (20cm) max.
toward the skier at any buoy.  More than that, a record will be rejected.  Over the 6 buoys, that is not a cumulative total of 120cm allowed, but 49cm.  Or, abut 3 inches on
the average toward the skier.  Records have been rejected many times for boat deviation.

Back some 25+ years ago, before centerline video, "weaving" the boat could be done,
but not now.  The Cl. video needs to be submitted with the record application.
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It was also easier to weave when the boats were narrower. Not a lot of room to move today.

The issue is the location of the pylon, not the bow. What you "see" and what you get can be two different things.
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Ace of spades?
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It appears you have information on the record with your post. Was there weaving because I can't imagine the record would be submitted if it were not close. I'm sure the TC looked before it was submitted. Time will tell
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Thanks for sharing, Brent. Good video.
Not straight
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But close, just depends on how much deviation at the pylon like lpskier mentioned
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Where or what are you looking at to determine whether the path is straight. Prop wash ? Would not think that is indicative. Just wondering.
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One word answer to the above:  Pylon.

EZ to see with the boat going away, maybe not so coming toward.
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Where is the video
Steve B.
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All I know is I so wish I could ski even remotely like her ! Thanks for the video.

Steve B.
Ace of Spades
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I figure what's happening is boat movement working with the skier is worth a few pounds on the handle. That means a small amount of line load is going to come on sooner and therefore more progressively without the skier having to put themselves in a position to get it.  

I'm sure you have heard of "when the boats a pickin' u up, you got ta..." Well if the boat is slingin' you out a little and picking you up early, then that's a good thing. 

I figure it's one of the reasons that at worlds scores tend to be modest because the boat is driven like an arrow down the line.   

I've said it before - on the extreme end, I've driven guys through 35 off that could barely squeak a 32.  Then had to circle back quick enough to collect the boat guides, as they was hootin' [biggrin]

Worlds driving
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Give me a break. Straight as arrow. U must not see end course. Who was chief driver at worlds. Best politicians not hardly best drivers. And that's a fact
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If the Splaskeye program is being used, there is a target mounted on the pylon facing aft and a similar target mounted on the center of the windshield facing forward. The boat guide locations are programmed in on the centerline video. The program then accurately plots the pylon location, any deviation from center and total overall deviation. It's darned accurate and takes any fuzzy math out of the equation. I don't know if it was used at Hancock, but I would venture a guess that it was.

Chad, to my knowledge, is not only a good driver (and good guy), but also a very ethical driver. While he may have a relationship with Regina, there is no rule against a boyfriend driving a girlfriend. If it's unseemly to you, advocate for a rule change. "Pissing into the wind" anonymously on SkiFly is unproductive all the way around.

Just guessing here, but if the record is disallowed due to boat path deviation, no one will be more disappointed in the driver's performance than Regina.

Chad's had a tough year. Please give him a break and cut out the anonymous, baseless speculation. If you have facts, let's hear them.

John Wilkins
Can't imagine driving at
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Never have, so no clue what that is like. CAnt be easy keeping it straight for regina.
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Imagine trying to keep it straight for Parrish!...or one of the big boys back in the day...LaPoints, Roberge, the Mad Swede, Drewbie, Thurlow, ...that's some beef behind the boat!
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Chad does not have a relationship with Regina. He is married. This thread is far beyond what the topic is really about.
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I for one have no idea about a Chad/Regina relationship, though I have "heard the rumors." Assuming there is a relationship, there is no rule preventing a boyfriend driving a girlfriend to a record. If there is no relationship, what in God's name are people griping about? Either way, it's a non-issue.
Conflict of interest
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Im sure Chad wouldnt cheat if there is a relationship but it certainly would be in most other sports or situations a conflict of interest. Like your partner judging a skating competition, Regardless of how honest anyone is. But our sport with how small and incestuous it can be, conflicts of interest would be hard to get away from.
Get over it
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So in that case Matt Rini and Jmac would have had a conflict judging the open women event. Come on people and you wonder why it's so hard to grow this. Too much clickish crybaby shit. Instead of recognizing truly amazing feats in our sport or any sport. We are too busy looking for a reason to discredit the accomplishment. Nate and Cp skiing with Chad all winter must be a conflict. Freddy practicing behind Less. Must be cheating. Pretty sure we have cameras everywhere recording these accomplishments. How about congrats on some great skiing
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Well said !
Slalom King
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Don't bring up Les, that's a story in itself.
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06Dec16 IWWF Tournament council approves new World Record by Regina Jaquess of 3.5@10.25m.

Now let's watch her run 41' off this coming season.  It will happen.  Great skiing!
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