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The fact that LSU is going to nationals is a joke.  The Midwest has three schools, the three that will be in the wildcard tonight, that had a girl that would have beaten their school alone.  One girl, and yet they get to go.  Just think it is a little off when in the national rankings, number 23, 24, 25, 37, and 45 are all going to the national championship, and most teams that went to Midwest Regionals would have qualified in every other region to ski D2.  May not have a scholarship school, but still have a great time, and the most interesting regional when there are at least 10 schools that have a shot.  To allow this continues to hamper the level of competition.  Just my thoughts.
it does
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look pretty weak. I think they (sc) get the additional spot since last years national champ came from that region. It also looks like  2 or 3 teams from the sc region did not field teams this year. I think LSU is a new team this year. Yes, several teams from the Midwest would have been MORE competitive at D2. Maybe the rules should get changed so that the last TWO spots become wild card for D2. 4th & 5th place from regionals get automatic spots and the next two teams come from wild cards. What do you think?
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The SC got the wildcard 6th spot because they won D2 last year.  They won last year because they only sent two teams that barely had to travel, and a team that won the other wildcard tourney was from Iowa, found out they were going about 4 days before the tourney began, and had to drive down.  The midwest will win the wildcard tourney tonight, and my prediction is a clean 1,2,3 sweep.  I am however very pleased that the tourney tonight gives whatever team will make it more than a week to plan ahead with their teachers and travel plans.  All regionals happening two weeks ahead of nationals is a great step!
college skier
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i thought ohio st won d2 last year
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They did, however, it is a combined average of all schools from the region.  So, I think MW went 1,3,5.  and the SC went 2,4.  and the 5th place, extra team brought down the average enough for the 6 team region to claim the extra spot.
Joey Mc
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@Midwest.  Don't be a sore loser buddy.  Those kids are absolutely pumped they are going to Nationals and yes, we are a six team region, but our five teams are consistently good, year to year.  I'd rather have five of the best teams in the country with four other schools working to have teams, than 5 mediocre teams and 45 schools will tiny team. 

10th place ribbons
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Maybe it's time for a D3 nationals so everyone-gets-a-ribbon... Decide how many teams you take to nats, and have one division. Two divisions is lame. I'm in the sc and sending 80% of the teams to nats is a bit much, regardless of the situation. Having said that, I'm glad LSU is going. They were the most "team" oriented at regs. A great group. Geaux Tigers!
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5 of the best teams in the country?  What region is this again?
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45 mediocre teams makes for much better competition and much more fun year in and year out.

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Does anybody have a shot at taking down ULM this year?
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If they do not ski well but very unlikely.  solid team..
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Yes LSU is going and it is what it is.  Small team from a small region.  Sure they don't belong at nationals based on scores but they are going.  It was a midwest skier that designed the wild card system, if you don't like it propose a change, don't go tearing on a team that is probably very excited to be going Nationals.  

Your attitude is sickening.  Every region should grow as much as possible, or you can just stay with your elitist attitude and continue the fall of waterskiing.  I hope you have no say in your region.  The more teams there are, the more skiers the NCWSA churns out the better waterskiing will do and the better the NCWSA of the future will be.  Or you can continue being obtuse and a hindrance to our sport.  
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WOW, you guys have way to much time on your hands now ski season is over! Go beat off or something!

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Learning resource and can be used to support the language and communication objectives.. what say?
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