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2014 SN200 with the round zero off display (not the Linksys) When pulling a jumper the switch is not engaging at the 600 foot ball. It does come in HARD about 15 feet BEFORE the jumper is turning into the ramp. Remapped the course (twice) Two differant switches and two differant cables all with the same results.  On the display where the power factor should be it displays "$$$"  NO numbers. Anybody seen this or know what to do??? 
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You should see the $$$$ when the switch closes/is activated.  If you see that at all times, you either have a stuck/broken switch or bad wiring in the adapter or harness.

You could also try updating the ZO to the latest firmware.  Maybe there is a problem with the GPS communication if not using the latest software/firmware.

Check out the manual on the ZO website to learn how to read the diagnostics and system info screen.
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