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new jumper
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I am currently getting consistent jumps of about 80 on my singles.  Whats the best way to get the most out of single cut?  I know I can start 3/4 but would like to focus on perfecting the fundamentals before.
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I saw Freddy go 170' on a single cut and win $1,000. from Vern Oberg, at an event on
Grew lake a few year back.  Of course, that was 6 ft. and 35 mph.

But, that demonstrates the potential of a single cut.  Best advice is to get some coaching
from a good jump coach or even a good jumper.  Self-taught jumping leads to disaster.

Advice I got from Joe Cash in 1964 still applies:  Accelerate into the ramp, meaning don't
let off when you see you're getting on.  The water/air drag will suck your speed down
very quickly, and cut distance down significantly.

You can always enter a late-season tournament, where there will probably be plenty of
advice, not all of it good advice.  Best advice of all is to not get wrecked when learning.
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Good to practice open water cutting across the wakes, to get used to speed and holding angle and acceleration.  Use video to analyze body position between sets.  High speed singles and super singles will help with getting used to increased speed and timing.
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What's a super single?
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@ebrazil I would say Jennifer Aniston would be a super single.... Just sayin'.#iskiconnelly
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