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I "only" caught the jump event at Ski Fluid this afternoon, but man what a great show. Lots of jumps over 200, most notably by Tom Asher and Moomba champ Bojan Shippner. I saw some impressive jumping by a young Canadian fellow with flowing blond hair whose name I didn't catch but who has a style similar to Sammy's. He was wearing a tee shirt from St. Lawrence University, which happens to be my alma mater, so I was rooting for him from the start. A young Asian fellow, Korean perhaps, had some very good jumps, including, I think, his first 200 footer. Another very lucky young fellow now can attest to why jumps have curtains and why we don't baulk to the inside of the ramp. Scary.

Ski Fluid put on another great event. Good job!
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Thought I saw your car in Krista's feed [smile]

The Clown
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Krista used Facebook to webcast the jump event [smile]
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