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After a lifetime of RFF the 'ol body has a traumatized chain (left leg, through pelvis, into spine and shoulders) that has taken some serious undoing with PT.  

Short notes: It doesn't take much skiing to get that all lit back-up and undo the months of PT work. Enough's enough, so this year I wanted to try switch stance in earnest and test the theory for myself.

Started out in combos that was actually quite fun. Dropped a ski and was zooming around in short order. Followed with deep water starts, while a bit sketchy, I made 'em.  Today's ski I felt pretty comfortable LFF.

Observations so far: 
1. Not only is the pelvis/back twisted but there is a real elevation drop between the two legs, because the ski is on an angle
2. It really did do a good job of untwisting things, something that is nearly impossible to replicated in the gym. And it worked my left glute in a good way. Same for the whole left leg which is pretty cool to feel that. Back feels relieved.
3. Shoulders & neck still feel it there though!
Roberto Alomar
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I've often thought if you started out skiing both ways and stayed with it, you would be better off. But after a lifetime of would be tough!  Do you trick?
Good luck, and keep posting as you's interesting.
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