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I am need some slalom tips! I am having a issue on the back side of the buoy finishing my turn down course and then pulling on the tail of my ski? Just wondering if I can correct this problem with something I am doing before the buoy or.......?

Also I am skiing in about 90 degree water currently with my front foot one hole forward from the middle.
My wing is at a 9.5
Not sure my fin settings.

Thank you
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you need to post a bit of video to get any good advice. Even from phone would be ok. Take another set and put each pass on here. Also put your setup numbers (bindings,fin length/depth), then we can give you some useful info. 
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Quite a few things need to fire in sort of a chain reation to be able to stand tall on the ski BEFORE the ball - like the pros do.

First you need to start with good speed/direction to get out there, then you need to land on your front foot with time to shape the turn. 

what line are you at?

Not many use a 9.5 wing angle. The wing drops or pulls the tail of the ski down, and more difficult to get proper front foot pressure.  

If you set your wing level with the bottom of the ski, it's neutral, adds anchoring/support but no downforce back there. 

Free Coaching
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I have never used this other web forum on slalom skiing.  They offer free video coaching.
Not Free but Better
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Chris Parrish also offers video coaching
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