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The Clown
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Round 2
The Clown
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One job
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All you have to do is shorten the line how hard can it be?
The Clown
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New pending World Record of 3@43off for Nate Smith [smile]
Swiss Cheese on Toast
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Pro skier completes pass and sits down:

Skier "What color loop is it?"

Judge "Pink?"

Skier "Nope, make it Black"

Judge "How bout Purple? You rocked that pass!"

Skier "No, seriously... I want to shorten the rope!"

Judge "Well, It's getting really dark, let's do 10.75 again.  By the time you finish it will be too dark for the next guy to set a record."

Skier: "Whatever dude, tell Chad to drive - I'll follow"
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Really. You have two jobs a boat judge. The complicated one is to count to six...
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